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SI Spring 2016 Targeted Courses

ACCT 211 -    Principles of Accounting I

ACCT 212 -    Principles of Accounting II

BADM 215 -   Business Communications

CRJC 215-     Introduction to Criminal Courts

CRJC 315-     Criminal Justice Statistics

ECON 211-    Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 212-    Principles of Microeconomics

FINC 311-      Principles of Finance

GEOG 110 -   Environmental Literacy

GEOG 210-    Principles of Geography

GEOG 220-    World Regional Geography

HIST 110-       World History to 1600

HIST 120-       World History since 1600

HIST 210-       African American History

HUMN 211-    Humanities:  Music, Art, and Ideas I

MUSI 210-      Music Appreciation

PHIL 110-       Critical Thinking

PHIL 211-       Introduction to World Religions

PYSC 210-     General Psychology

SOCI 210-      Principles of Sociology

SPAN 110-     Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 120-     Elementary Spanish II

SWRK 220-    Introduction to Human Services

THEA 203-     Introductin to Theatre


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