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Faculty and Staff

Name Position Office Phone Website
Area Code (910) Pre-fix: 672
Nickolov, Radoslav Chair/Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 205C 2053 View
Black, Laronte Administrative Specialist III Science&Technology 205 2265  
Bhattacharya, Sambit Associate Professor in Computer Science Science&Technology 214 1156 View
Bao, Yufang Associate Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 223 2437 View
Bila, Nicoleta Associate Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 412 2204 View
Chan, Albert Assistant Chair/Associate Professor in Computer Science Science&Technology 205B 1517 View
Chu, Ping-Chu Adjunct Professor in Computer Science Science&Technology 405 1654 View
Cui, Zhenlu Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 415 1164 View
Czejdo, Bogdan  Professor of Science Science&Technology 211 2466  
Gillespie, Perry Assistant Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 416 1522 View
He, Xiaogui Lecturer in Mathematics Science&Technology 410 1369 View
Jin, Mingxian Associate Professor in Computer Science Science&Technology 212 1558 View
Jing, Wu Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 418 2205 View
Kodippili, Asitha Associate Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 419 1518 View
Milanov, Valentin Associate Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 408 2202 View
Nani, Frank K. Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 420 1793 View
Okunbor, Daniel Professor in Computer Science LSA 224 2104 View
Sarami, Chekad Associate Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 118 1129 View
Senaratne, Deepthika Associate Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 423 1668 View
Tang, Xin Associate Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 424 2206 View
Wang, Dong Associate Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 122 1136 View
Williams, Pamela Lecturer in Computer Science Science&Technology 219 1507 View
Wu, Bing Associate Professor in Computer Science Science&Technology 218 1363 View
Yorgov, Vassil Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 220 1675 View
Zhang, Bo Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 221 1786 View
Zhao, Guanghua Associate Professor in Mathematics Science&Technology 222 1500 View

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