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Dr. Yufang Bao

Professor in Mathematics

Office: Science & Technology 223

Phone: (910) 672-2437


Personal Homepage: 


Dr. Bao, is currently a professor at the UNC Fayetteville State University. She graduated from the Fujian Normal University in China with a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics and later earned a Ph.D in Statistics and Probability from Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China and a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University, NC, USA.  

  • MATH 121 Introduction to College Algebra 
  • MATH 123 College Algebra
  • MATH 129 Precalculus Mathematics I
  • MATH 130 Precalculus Mathematics II
  • MATH 142 Calculus I
  • MATH 472 Theory of Numbers
  • STAT 202 Basic Probability and Stats
  • STAT 301 Introduction to Probability
  • STAT 302 Mathematical Statistics
  • STAT 561 Probability Theory
  • STAT 661 Advanced Probability Theory 

Dr. Bao's research interest is mathematical/statistical digital image processing, and its application in medical imaging.

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  • Bao, Y. Maudsley, A. (2012), Polynomial Fitting Improved Bayesian Reconstruction Method for Whole Brain Volumetric MRSI Metabolite Images. The Open Medical Imaging Journal, accepted, in press.  
  • Tang, W. and Bao, Y. (advisor) (2012) "Divergence Measurements of Empty Parking Spaces", Explorations, Vol. VII, pp118-135  
  • Bao, Y. (2011). Mathematical Analysis of SMASH-Based Reconstruction Methods for Parallel MRI. International Journal of Intelligent Computing in Medical Science and Image Processing, 4(1), 65-76.  
  • Bao,Y and Wong K., 2010, Simulation of Grass Land Distribution in North Carolina, Proceedings of ICEME.  
  • Y. Bao and A. Maudsley, 2007, Improved reconstruction for MR spectroscopic imaging, full paper, IEEE Transactions on Medical imaging (TMI), May, No. 5 pp. 686-695.  
  • Y. Bao and A. Maudsley, 2007, Parallel image reconstruction in the GRAPPA formalism,  IBIS  
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  • Y. Bao and A. Maudsley, 2003, Improved MR metabolite image reconstruction. in Proceedings of IEEE workshop on statistical signal processing.  
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  • Y. Bao, 1999, The absolute continuity for the occupation time of the super Ornstein-Uhlenbeck, Acta Mathematica Scientia, Vol. 19 No. 1 
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