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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


NASA Network Resources Training Site (NRTS)

Fayetteville State University is a partner of the NASA Network Resources Training Site grant in the Minority University Space Interdisciplinary Network (MU-SPIN) program. Elizabeth City State University is the Principal institution in this grant. Other partners include regional high schools and other MI's/HBCU's in North Carolina and Virginia. 

The NRTS at ECSU provides network training and facilitates network opportunities in research and education for mathematics, science, engineering, and technology faculty and students in minority institutions. ECSU concentrates on technology investments that will lead to advancement in Earth Systems Science Education and research as well as High-Performance Networking.


Primary Investigator: Dr. Leo Edwards, Mathematics/Science Education Center.
Technical Coordinator: Dr. Tat W. Chan, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science.


1996-1997 - $10,000
1997-1998 - $8,000
1998-1999 - $8,000
1999-2000 - $8,000


Tat W. Chan, "Empowering Minority Students to Excel in the Information Age", ADMI 96 Proceeding, Puerto Rico, 1996.

Tat W. Chan, "Towards a Diversified Computing Environment", ADMI 97 Proceeding, Washington D.C., 1997.

DeWayne Frierson and Neron Ferguson, "Using the World Wide Web to Generate Minority Interest in Computer Technology", ADMI 98, Houston, Texas, 1998.

Fredrick Omondi and Brandon Ramcharan, "Visual Aids as tools to attract Minorities to Computer Science via Videoconferencing", ADMI 98, Houston, Texas, 1998.


NASA lecture series (2001)

Travel to MU-SPIN Conferences and ECSU NRTS workshops.

Site Visit by ECSU Networking Team led by Kurt Roberson on Feb. 11, 1997.

"Cruising the Information Highway" workshop presented by Tracy Chamberlain and Tat W. Chan on Oct 22-23, 1997.


Purchase of 3 PC's, 2 printers and a multimedia pojector. Software packages such as office tools, scientific typesetting applications, programming environments and Internet publishing tools.

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina