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CSC-490: Senior Project, Fall 2011
Dr. Mingxian Jin

Project: Develop a Role Playing Game from Scratch and Link it to a Social Network
Team Members:
Justin Driggers, Donte Hollingsworth, Hyun Kim
Advisor: Dr. Albert Chan
Description: An eight bit role playing game based on the 1989 Nintendo game Dragon Warrior is developed from scratch. The game includes exploring different landscapes, fighting monsters, casting spells, and using items. Also, a website is created to emulate some of the features of facebook, encompassing instant messaging , sms messaging, adding friends, registering an account with a profile, and downloading the linked game.

Project: A Pong Game Using a Motion Sensing Input Device
Team Members:
Ernest Bryant, Jelaine Young
Advisor: Dr. Sambit Bhattacharya
Description: Kinect for Xbox 360 or commonly known as Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft, based on a webcam-style, it allows users to control objects with hand gestures and interact by spoken commands. This project designs a Pong game using Kinect. The device recognizes the gamer and track whether the gamer moves left, right, forward, or backward using the tilt method. The skeleton tracking captures the hand movements given the X and Y coordinate on the grid to control the paddle forcing the ball to move back and forth and playing with the gamer.

CSC-490: Senior Project, Spring 2011
Dr. Mingxian Jin

Project: Hangman Game Programming in Android
Team Members: Jerrick Boucher, Ming Zheng
Advisor: Dr. Albert Chan
Description:The hangman game is an interesting childhood game. In this instance a hidden word is randomly chosen from a database of words. The user must guess a letter from the alphabet guessing the word. They only have 10 chances to guess the word no matter how long the hidden word is. Each time an incorrect letter is chosen, a part of the stick man’s body appears. Each leg, foot, arm, hand, head, and body represents the incorrect guesses. This project creates the hangman game in the android platform.

Project: Implementing Network Security on a Campus Network 
Team Members: Karston Adams, Ciro Quintero 
Advisor: Dr. Bing Wu 
Description: The project simulates an unsecure network and then shows the effects of implementing adequate security measures on the network. To secure the network by implementing access-control list, allowing it to verify that certain vulnerabilities were mitigated. A campus network is built using simulation software with prefined network topology, subnetting, and routing protocols. A test is running to check the secured network and compare it to the unsecure network.

Project: Customization of Smartphones Using Android
Team Members: Kinyetta Jeter, Alex Eng
Advisor: Dr. Kwok C. Wong
Description: The JetEng ROM for Motorola Android is developed. This is an optimized and more captivating ROM in comparison to the stock ROM. A custom ROM is a fully standalone version of the operating system with customizations for faster performance, longer battery life, and more efficient performance. Our ROM provides an appealing appearance as well as optimized performance with new features in handling calls/text messages, accurate icons to represent elements such as battery life, signal strength, and 3G flag.

CSC-490: Senior Project In Earlier Semesters

Project: Flash Instant Messenger (Flash IM)
Team Members: Dindo Liboon, Alicia Permell, & Zohair Ahmad
Advisor: Dr. Dwight House
Description: A skinable instant messenger for Microsoft Windows (32-bit platform). Uses a server to transmit messages between the different clients.


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