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Department of Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship

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Departmental Course Offerings Schedule up to 2015

Business Administration Courses

BADM 210 Introduction to the Global Business Environment (Fall, Spring)
BADM 214 Micro Computer Applications (Fall, Spring)
BADM 215 Business Communication (Fall, Spring)
BADM 216 Statistics for Business and Economics (Fall, Spring)
BADM 220 Eth. & Civ. Engag-Business (Fall, Spring)
BADM 352 Blacks in Contemporary Capitalistic Society (Spring)
BADM 430 Business Internship (Fall, Spring)
BADM 490 Seminar in Business Administration (Fall, Spring)

Management Courses

MGMT 311 Principles of Management (Fall, Spring)
MGMT 325 Quantitative Methods  (Fall, Spring)
MGMT 335 Operations Management  (Fall, Spring)
MGMT 350 Entrepreneurship  (Spring)
MGMT 410 Human Resource Management  (Fall, Spring)
MGMT 415 HR Staffing & Developent (Fall, Spring)
MGMT 420 Organizational Behavior  (Fall, Spring)
MGMT 421 Quality Management  (Fall, Spring)
MGMT 425 International Business Management  (Fall, Spring)
MGMT 450 Small Business Management  (Fall, Spring)
MGMT 470 Strategic Management  (Fall, Spring) 


Management Information Systems Courses

MIS 211 Business Software Applications (Fall, Spring)
MIS 212 Intro to Computer Programming  (Spring)
MIS 300 Information Systems Theory and Practice  (Fall, Spring)
MIS 320 Database Management Systems  (Fall)
MIS 321 Advanced Database Management Systems  (Spring)
MIS 330 Systems Analysis and Design  (Fall, Spring) 
MIS 435 Electronic Commerce  (Fall)
MIS 440 Excel Analytics (Fall, Spring) 
MIS Elective (Fall, Spring) ONE EACH SEMESTER


Healthcare Management Courses

HCM 200 Ethics for Health Professional (Fall, Spring)
HCM 310 Healthcare Org. & Del.  (Fall, Spring)
HCM 311 Healthcare Management  (Fall, Spring)
HCM 312 Med Terminology/Hlth Care Mgr (Fall)
HCM 313 Medical Coding (Spring) 
HCM 330 Healthcare Policy/Law  (Fall)
HCM 350 Quality Mgmt in Healthcare (Fall)
HCM 360 Healthcare Information Systems (Fall, Spring)
HCM 420 Managed Care (Fall, Spring)
HCM 450 Healthcare Senior Seminar (Fall, Spring)
HCM 490 Healthcare Internship (Fall, Spring)


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