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Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate

Benefits of certification and salary expectations

Oracle DatabaseIn today's economic downturn, companies are seeking for MIS professional with key computer skills that have sound technical knowledge. As jobs are slicing or being outsourced, companies are increasingly looking for candidates with not only technical skills but with certifications as well as it reinforces the trust in the candidate. A certification can give a candidate competitive advantage over others.

According to leading job search sites (,,,, salary estimates range anywhere from $60,000 to $140,000 per annum for candidates looking for job in the area of SQL and PL/SQL


FSU's Management Department is proud to present certification training track in the area of Oracle 11G SQL and PL/SQL starting from Spring 2010, as part of the Management Information Systems Curriculum. This training track will prepare students for Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate. An Oracle SQL and PL/SQL developer can work as a database developer where he will be working with database objects or can work on any enterprise-wide application which is using Oracle as a back end.

Course Descriptions

Candidates interested in certification must take following 5 courses in sequence:

  • MIS 320: Principles of Database Management Systems - Covers the basic principles of database management systems including normalization and ER Diagram. This course serves more as foundation course.
  • MIS 321: Advanced DBMS - Covers introduction to SQL and PL/SQL using Oracle 11G. Students will learn in depth about how to write SQL to manipulate database objects and data.
  • MIS 450: Advanced SQL - Covers advanced topics in SQL using Oracle 11G. This course uses MIS 321 as foundation course. Students should be able to take Oracle Database SQL Expert exam after completing this course.
  • MIS 451: Advanced PL/SQL - Covers more advanced concepts in PL/SQL programming using Oracle 11G. Concepts like Functions, Procedures and Packages will be covered more in depth. Students should be able to take Program with PL/SQL exam after completing this course.
  • MIS 452: Advanced Database Projects - This course reinforces the concepts learnt in all the courses above in the form of projects and cases so that students are better prepared for the certification exams. It touches upon all important topics like triggers, advanced sub-queries, joins, cursors, functions, procedures and packages. Student should be able to take both the exam after this course and get certified as Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate.
Admission requirement and process for certification track
  • Students need to be majoring in MIS, so they should be taking MIS 320 and MIS 321 as part of it.
  • Students need to take three other courses (MIS 450, 451 and 452) as MIS electives to get ready to appear for the certification exam
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