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The MBA Program, which is accredited by AACSB International, is designed to meet the educational and/or career goals of: (1) business professionals who wish to advance in their careers, (2) other professionals interested in changing careers by pursuing an advanced degree in business, and (3) individuals who are considering a doctorate in business. The core curriculum consists of 24 credit hours followed by 12 elective credit hours which can be used to acquire a concentration in management, marketing, international business, finance, healthcare management, or entrepreneurship. Applicants who do not possess an undergraduate degree in business or related fields or are in need of refresher course(s) in the functional areas of business may be required to enroll in up to 15 additional credits hours of foundation courses.The requirement for any of the foundation courses is made in consultation with the MBA Director.

We offer two new academic concentrations allowing students to focus on healthcare management or project management.These concentrations are designed to prepare graduates for careers in two dynamic, fast-growing fields - healthcare and logistics.

Students with a GRE/GMAT score > 400 are highly encouraged to inquire about our Graduate Assistantship employment opportunities. Details here.

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