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Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program

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Application Instructions

Please prepare the following statements on separate sheets of paper and attach to your application:

Personal Statement (2 Pages Maximum)

Please write a statement describing your educational and career goals from completion of your undergraduate degree through completion of your graduate/doctorate-level degree. Explain what you have done to prepare yourself to meet these goals (courses, work, extracurricular activities, etc.). In what ways would you like the McNair Program to help strengthen your preparedness for graduate school? What motivates you to pursue graduate studies? Additionally, outline one or more research interests upon which you would like to focus during the internship period. Your statement should include the following components:(1) Why would you like to pursue a research project in this (or these) particular topic area(s)? (2) What experience do you have with research? (3) Value of the research interests to you (e.g., how would research in these areas fit into your academic or career aims?)  Your name should appear in the top right corner of each page of your statement.

Letters of Recommendation (2)

Two sealed and completed recommendation forms are required in your application packet (forms are provided). These forms must come from faculty, preferably in your major. Distribute the appropriate form to your recommenders. Ask them to complete it, seal it in one of their own envelopes, and sign across the flap before returning to you. Include the unopened recommendations in your application packet. Please remember to give the forms to your recommenders early so that they can return them to you in time for inclusion in your application packet. Letters may be sent directly from recommender to our office if that is more convenient.

Official or Unofficial College/University Transcripts
Most Recent Federal Income Tax Return

If your parent(s) or someone else can claim you as a dependent on his/her tax return, you must submit a copy of that person’s 2014 federal income tax return.  If your college/university considers you to be “independent,” please note the following categories and submit a copy of the appropriate documentation:

  • Single
  • Married filing jointly
  • Married filing separately (please include a copy of spouse’s most recent federal income tax return)
  • Head of household (with qualifying person)
  • Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child
  • If you are unsure of which forms you need to send, please contact our office. Please do not send us copies of your W2 forms.
  • Make sure your tax forms are signed and dated by the appropriate person.
Most Recent Student Aid Report (SAR)

Please submit a copy of your 2014-2015 SAR. Include this with your application packet in addition to tax information. If you do not have a current SAR, but filed the FAFSA, please print and sign a copy from your on-line access through the processing center’s website. Again, please sign and date the SAR.

You must be interested in earning a Ph.D. in your area of interest.  The McNair Scholars program will accept students who want to pursue dual degrees such as MD/ PhD, DDS/PhD, or PharmD/PhD. The McNair Scholars Program does not support students seeking to obtain professional degrees such as JD, MD, DDS, or PharmD.
Student Application

For Faculty Mentor Application Please Contact the McNair Office


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