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McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program

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Previous McNair Scholars

Name: Adrian McLean
Major: Mathematics
Classification: Senior
Mentor: Bo Zhang, Ph.D.
Research Title: Stability of Oscillators with Unbounded Damping

adrian mclean photo

chaniqua simpson

Name: Chaniqua Simpson
Major: Sociology
Classification: Senior
Mentor: Heather Griffiths, Ph.D.
Research Title: Fayetteville- Fort Bragg: Aiming to Please

Name: Christopher Williams
Major: Pre-Business Administration
Classification: Senior
Mentor: Dawn Wilson, Ph.D.
Research Title: The Gap in Healthcare Administration


 christopher williams photo

 shannon gunn photo

Name: Shannon Gunn
Major: Chemistry
Classification: Junior
Mentor: Shirley L. Chao, Ph.D.
Research Title: Acetylecholinesterase Inhibition in Muscle Tissue Following Exposure to Perfluorooctanoic and Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acids in Danio rerio

Name: Christopher Darden
Major: Business Administration
Classification: Junior
Mentor: Edward P. Stringham, Ph.D.
Research Title: The Effects of Private Police on North Carolina's Economy: Good or Bad?

 christopher darden photo

 shante' elliot photo

Name: Shante' Elliott
Major: English & Literature, Language
Minor: Philosophy
Classification: Senior
Mentor: Trela Anderson, Ph.D.

Name: Brehon Greene
Major: Psychology
Status: Graduated Fall 2010-Applying to Graduate Schools
Research Title: Predictors of Belief in U.S. Government Conspiracy Theories Against Citizens


Brehon Greene

Uwana Idio

Name: Uwana Idio
Major: Political Science
Classification: Junior
Mentor: Ham Lheem, Ph.D.
Research Title: An Empirical Analysis of Primary and Secondary Education Enrollment Rate in Sub-Saharan Africa in the Digital Age
Name: Nya Taylor
Major: Psychology
Classification: Junior
Mentor: Maxwell Twum-Asante, Ph.D.
Research Title: Metamemory for Information Learned Through Visual and Auditory Presentation Modes

nya taylor photo

Rosslyn Ross

Name: Rosslyn Ross
Major: Psychology
Classification: Junior
Mentor: Akbar Aghajanian, Ph.D.
Research Title: Exploring Factors that lead to Obesity in African Americans

Name: Tiane' Ellis
Major: Mathematics
Status: Graduated Fall 2010-Enrolled in Graduate School
Research Title: The Impact of the Care-giver Vaccination in Pandemic Influenza Outbreaks: Baseline Models for Public Health Monitoring in Guilford County, NC

Tiane Ellis

Donte Hollingsworth

Name: Donte Hollingsworth
Major: Computer Science
Status: Graduated Fall 2010-Applying to Graduate Schools
Research Title: Router Information Protocol and Open Shortness Path First: Routing Protocols Convergence Time Comparison on a Small Network

Name: Jo' nel Barnes
Major: Physical Education
Classification: Junior
Mentor: Abdul Pitre, Ph.D.
Research Title: The Phenomenological Study: Social Justice School Leaders

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Name: Omar Abokor
Major: Geography
Status: Attending Post Baccalaureate Program
Research Title: GIS Cartography and Its Uses in Regional Mapping and Development

Name: Sebena Conley
Major: Biology
Status: Attending Graduate School
Research Title: Impact of Pseudomonas aerguinosa on Reducing the Toxicity of Diazinon in the Earthworm( Lumbricus terrestris)  and Mealworm (Tenebrio molitor)



Name: Yaleaka Currie
Major: Biology
Status: Attending Graduate School
Research Title:  The Developmental Toxicity of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embroyos Exposed to Perfluorooctanoic Acid

Name: Reginald Felton
Major: Psychology
Status: Attending Graduate School
Research Title: The Relationship between Generosity, Gratitude, and Psychological Well-Being



Name: Shamma Hickling
Major: Sociology
Status: Attending Graduate School
Research Title: Fort Bragg and Fayetteville Crime Rates

Name: Ra'Vone Royster
Major: English
Status: Attending Graduate School
Research Title: An African American Vernacular Tradition: African American English and its Effects on High School Performance



Name: Sonya Worthington
Major: Sociology
Status: Attending Graduate School
Research Title:  Emotional Well Being among Divorced Women: An Analysis of the Role of Economic Status and  Religiosity

Name: Jazmin Henry
Major: Business Administration
Status: Attending Graduate School
Research Title: An Empirical Study of Factors Affecting the Extent of Online Social Network Usage



JaCoya Thompson

Name: JaCoya Thompson
Major: Math and Computer Science
Classification: Senior
Mentor:  Perry Gillespie, Ph.D.
Research Title: A Predictive Analysis on Graduation and Retention Rates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at Fayetteville State University

Name: Tierra Savage
Major: Psychology
Classification: Senior
Mentor:  Marciea McMillian, Ph.D.
Research Title: Are preschool Attendance, Gender, and Home Stimulation Predictive of Achievement?

Tierra Savage

Michelle Norman

Name: Michelle Norman
Major: Psychology
Classification: Senior
Mentor:  Laura Coyle, Ph.D.
Research Title: Predictors of Resiliency in African American College Students

Name: Karlesia Montague
Major: Psychology
Classification: Senior
Mentor:  Elizabeth Quinn, Ph.D.
Research Title: Dating Violence Among College Students

Karlesia Montague

Latasia Jones

Name: Latasia Jones
Major: English and Literature
Classification: Senior
Mentor:  Phyllisa Deroze, Ph.D.
Research Title: Love Relations and Rape across Racial Lines in Early America

Name: Lashanda Hicks
Major: Psychology
Classification: Senior
Mentor:  Samantha Daniel, Ph.D.
Research Title: An Exploration of Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder in Men

Lashanda Hicks

Sherie Delaine

Name: Sherie Delaine
Major: Birth-Kindergarten Education
Classification: Senior
Mentor:  Beverlyn Cain, Ph.D.
Research Title: Teaching While Male: Factors and Negative Stigmas that Contributes to the Demise of Males in Early Childhood Environments

Name: Kurkessa Springs
Major: Sociology
Classification: Senior
Mentor:  Nicole Lucas, Ph.D.
Research Title: Informal Social Support Received by African American Men and Women within the Church

Kukessa Springs

Jonela Rogers

Name: Jonela Rogers
Major: Biotechnology
Minor: Biology
Classification: Senior
Mentor: Abdelmajid Kassem, Ph.D.
Research Title: Responses of Selected Soybean [Glycine max (L.)Merrill] Breeding Lines Under Mild Water Deficit

Name: Asia Scales
Major: Biology
Classification: Junior
Mentor: Sherrice Allen, Ph.D.
Research Title: pKOG-folP: A Mobilizable Suicide Vector for folP Chromosomal Inactivation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, PA01

asia scales photo

eric mclean photo

Name: Eric McLean
Major: Biology
Classification: Senior
Mentor: Shubo Han, Ph.D.
Research Title: The Impact of Copper (II)- Flavanoid Complex Formation in Preventing the Onset of Parkinson's Diseas

Name: Amber Birden
Major: Elementary Education- Biology
Classification: Senior
Mentor: Shirley L. Chao, Ph.D.
Research Title: Science Inquiry on Pre-Literacy Skills and Interest in 3-5 year old

amber birden photo

Lewis Williams

Name: Lewis Williams
Major: Mathematics
Classification: Senior
Mentor: Xin Tang, Ph.D.
Research Title: The Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt (PBW) Basis and Monomial Basis of U⁺ r,s,T (ѕℓ₃)

Name: George Alvarez
Major: Chemistry
Mentor: Subir K. Nagdas, Ph.D.
Research Title: Evidence for the Presence of Phosphate Groups on the Two Major Proteins of the Hamster Sperm Acrosomal Matrix and Their Potential Role in Acrosomal Hydrolase Binding Activities 

george alvarez photo

Marcus Smith

Name: Marcus Smith
Major: Middle Grades Mathematics/ Politcal Science
Mentor: Peter M. Eley, Ph.D.
Research Title: Analysis of Mathematics Achievement Among High Schools in Cumberland County

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