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Middle Grades, Secondary and Specialized Subjects

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Faculty and Staff

Name Title Office Phone (910) E-mail
Dr. Kimberly Smith Burton Chair BU 241 672-1181
Dr. Charlotte Boger Assistant Chair and Professor BU 250 672-1633
Dr. Virginia Dickens Professor BU 248 672-1635
Dr. Charletta Barringer-Brown Associate Professor BU 251 672-1272
Dr. Cathy Kosterman Associate Professor BU 248 672-1184
Dr. Peggy L. Green Associate Professor HPEC 323 672-2609
Dr. Nosa Obanor Associate Professor HPEC 322 672-1524
Dr. Vikki M. Armstrong Adjunct Assistant Professor BU 241 672-1181
Dr. Catherine Barrett Assistant Professor BU 257 672-1700
Dr. Cynthia Shamberger Assistant Professor BU 249 672-2464

Dr. Marlina Duncan Adjunct Assistant Professor BU 241 672-1181

Dr. Peter Eley Associate Professor BU 241-B 672-1183
Dr. LaDelle Olion Professor BU 259 672-1074
Mrs. Reeshemah Johnson Instructor BU 247 672-2475
Dr. Chandrika Johnson Assistant Professor HPEC 317 672-1258
Mrs. Portia Kershaw Lecturer HPEC 318 672-2559
Mr. Tyrone Jones Lecturer/Asst. Football Coach HPEC 131 672-1318
Ms. Christina Lockamy Lecturer HPEC 316 672-2288
Mrs. Sarah Gray Adjunct Lecturer HPEC 331 672-1181
Mrs. Shirley Johnson Adjunct Lecturer HPEC 331 672-1181
Mrs. Tiffany Huggins-White Adjunct Lecturer BU 241 672-1181
Dr. Gerold Jarmon Adjunct Lecturer BU 241 672-1181
Mr. Tim Heath Adjunct Lecturer Lilly Gym 672-1188
Mrs. Debra D. Brown Administrative Support Associate BU 241 672-1181 
Mrs. Teresita V. Bravo Administrative Support Associate Capel 331 672-1115
Ms. Tammiika Frowner Multi-Media Technician Curriculum Lab 672-1391
Ms. Cartinia Bivens

Administrative Assistant for Project STEAM

BU 210 672-1772




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