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Nicole Anthony

Dr. Nicole Anthony

Dr. Nicole Anthony is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Middle Grades, Secondary and Special Subjects. Dr. Anthony attended Norfolk State University (NSU), where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She attended graduate school at Touro College in New York City and earned a MSED with dual certification in general education and special education. Additionally, she attended Cambridge College where she received an Ed.S in Administration and Supervision grades K-12. She earned a Ph.D. in Education with a concentration in special education from Old Dominion University.

Prior to coming to Fayetteville State University, Dr. Anthony was the Director of the Education, Advising and Assessment Center at Hampton University. She also has experience as a general and special education teacher in the New York City and Norfolk, Virginia Public School systems. She is a staunch advocate for individuals with exceptionalities and their families and has been in the field of education for the past 17 years.


• Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) social-communication development

• Career trajectories and postsecondary outcomes for individuals with ASD

•Technology use in the development of evidence-based practices for individuals with ASD   


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Anthony, N. (2016). "Social Competence Development for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders". Presentation presented at the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities Conference: Williamsburg, Virginia.

Hammond, D., Riley, J., Lowrey, A., & Anthony, N. (2013). "Systematic Planning and Transition of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders". Presentation presented at Council for Exceptional Children: San Antonio, Texas.   Anthony, N., & Bobzien, J. (2013). "Promoting Social Competence in Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders".  Paper presented at the Virginia Transition Forum: Richmond, Virginia.      

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