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Virginia Johnson-Dickens

Dr. Virginia DickensVirginia Johnson Dickens, 2000-2001 Teacher of the Year at  Fayetteville State University. Professor, Department of Middle Grades, Secondary and Special Subjects; BA Literature (Wheaton College, 1969); M.Ed. Speech Pathology and Audiology (UNC-Greensboro, 1970); Ph.D. Special Education (UNC-Chapel Hill, 1977); Post-doctoral study Educational Administration and Supervision (UNC-Chapel Hill, 1977-78).  Dr. Dickens began Teaching at Fayetteville State University in 1978. Besides teaching, she has been actively involved in conference and workshop presentations, writing, grants, and advising doctoral dissertations. She developed/co-developed a number of courses for the University, including online courses. Dr. Dickens retired in 2007 and now teaches part time at the University. She serves on the undergraduate and graduate faculties in Special Education. Her areas of emphasis include special education research-based teaching and inclusion methods and field based applications.

Selected Publications
Epanchin, B.C. & Dickens, V.J. (1982).  Curriculum Design & Educational Methods: Chapters in J.L. Paul and B.C.Epanchin (Eds.), Emotional Disturbance in Children.  Charles E. Merrill.

Hadley, W., Dickens, V.J., et al., (December, 2000).  Promising partnership preparation for the new millennium. Journal of Instructional Technology. 27(4), 262-265.

Manarino-Leggett, P., Dickens, V.J., & Keane, F. Beyond functional literacy: Practical implications of using Gardner’s multiple intelligences.  A manuscript submitted fall,  2001 for publication in The Facilitator, School of Education Newsletter, FSU.

Hadley, W., Dickens, V. J., et al., (2001). A blueprint for a full service approach to student mentoring.  The Mentor:  Journal of Mentoring and Field Experience.1(1), 22-27.

Hadley, R.T., Hadley, W.H., Dickens, V., & Jordan, E.G. (2001) Music therapy:  A treatment modality for special-needs populations.  International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling. 23, 215-221.

Manarino-Leggett, P., Dickens, V.J., & Keane, F. (April, 2002) Beyond Functional literacy: Practical implications of using Gardner’s multiple intelligences. The Facilitator, School of Education Newsletter, FSU.

Current Courses
SPED 631 Teaching Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities (Academic Methods)
SPED 635 Curriculum and Effective Practices for Teaching Students with Specific Learning Disabilities
SPED 600 Practicum in Special Education
SPED 640 Master's Internship in Special Education
SPED 641 Advanced Internship in Special Education
SPED 635 Advanced Research Products of Learning
SPED 470 Student Teaching in Exceptional Children


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