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All Elementary Education Department syllabi are posted online for review by students and others in the Fayetteville community. We take great pride in our teaching and encourage everyone to learn more about the work we do in the classroom. All syllabi are in PDF format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Fall 2014

Spring 2014

EDMG 400 The Middle School
EDMG 470 Student Teaching in the Middle Grades
EDUC 210 Technology Applications for Teachers
EDUC 211 Laboratory Experiences in Area Schools
EDUC 311 Foundations of Multicultural Education and Diversity
EDUC 421 Principles of Secondary Education
EDUC 450 Classroom Management
EDUC 480 Student Teaching Intership
EDUC 615 Techniques of Teaching in Middle/High Schools
EDUC 641 Advanced Studies in Human Development and Learning Communities
EDUC 644 Foundations and Curriculum Development
EDUC 697 Product Learning (Internship)
EDUC 698 Advanced Applied Product of Learning
ELEM 654 Selected Topics in the Earth Sciences for Science Teachers
ELEM 655 Technology and The Science Curriculum
HEED 112 Health and Wellness
HEED 300 Human Sexuality
HEED 310 Mental and Emotional Health
HEED 372 First Aid and Safety Education
HEED 410 Introduction to Epidemology
HEED 411 Public Health Issues
HEED 420 Nutrition
MATH 533 Advanced Studies in Teaching Mathematics
PEDU 101 Swimming
PEDU 107 Weight Training
PEDU 140 Conditioning Exercise
PEDU 201 Swimming II
PEDU 214 Methods and Materials in Team Sports
PEDU 310 Rythms and Movement Concepts for Physical Education
PEDU 311 History and Principles of Physical Education
PEDU 351 Football Theory
SPED 320 Education Exceptional Children
SPED 410 Classroom Management Strategies for Exceptional Children
SPED 460 Diagnosis and Evaluation of Exceptional Children
SPED 465 Meeting the Needs of Students w/Disabilities in Inclusion Settings
SPED 470 Student Teaching in Special Education
SPED 480 Seminar II: The Exceptional Student/Field Experience
SPED 518 Assessing and Teaching Mathematics and Writing to Students w/Disabilities
SPED 523 Advanced Studies in Specific Learning Disabilities
SPED 538 Advanced Studies in Behaviorial and Emotional Disabilities
SPED 631 Teaching Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities
SPED 633 Teaching Adolecents with Disabilities
SPED 640 Masters Internship in Special Education
SPED 643 Seminar in Special Education
SPED 646 Advanced Assessment Practices
SPED 647 Diagnosis and Evaluation of Exceptional Children

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