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Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff offices are located in the new Southeastern North Carolina Nursing Education and Research Center (FSU East Campus, Grace Black Circle)

Name Title Nursing Bld. Phone (910) E-mail
Dr. Afua Arhin Professor, Chairperson 108A 672-1924
Dr. Ann Bell Adjunct Lecturer
Ms. Laquesha Boyd Lecturer 304 672-1930
Ms. Polly Boyer Adjunct Lecturer
Ms. Sharonda Boykin  Adjunct Lecturer
Ms. Kimberly Y. Bronson  Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Sheila Cannon Assistant Professor 311 672-1105
Ms. Christine Cardoza  Adjunct Lecturer
Ms. Tonya Carter Adjunct Lecturer
Mrs. Sharon Gallagher Lecturer 319 672-2545
Ms. Wanda Goodwyn Lab Manager 323 672-2894
Ms. Erin Hinson Lecturer 317 672-2314
Dr. Stephanie Hodges Assistant Professor 306 672-2313
Mrs. Lauren Hurley Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Doris T. Jefferys Assistant Professor 303 672-2424
Dr. Faith Junghahn Adjunct Lecturer
Ms. Julia Kane Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Sherry Leviner Assistant Professor 321 672-2618
Dr. Cynthia McArthur-Kearney Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ms. Margaret Monroe Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Alexandria Montgomery Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ms. Sabrina Morris Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Jamil Norman Adjunct Lecturer
Mrs. Lisa Scurry Academic Advisor 325 672-2615
Ms. Esther Seibold Adjunct Lecturer
Mrs. Dorethea Singley Adjunct Lecturer
Ms. Christy R. Swinson  Lecturer 310 672-1103
Dr. Margaret A. Trueman Assistant Professor 326 672-2228
Ms. Aprel Ventura Lecturer 308 672-2249
Ms. Jacinta Williams Lecturer/Student Coordinator 108B 672-1925
Mrs. Murtis M. Worth Lecturer 114 672-2891
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