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About Us

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Office of Institutional Research is to support the university's mission by providing data and information to facilitate the decision making process. This information includes studies and reports on the operations of instructional and operational/administrative areas and also policies pertinent to academic divisions and to the success of students and the institution. The specific aim of this function is to probe deeply into the workings of the institution for evidence of weaknesses or flaws that interfere with the attainment of its purpose and to take the results of these findings and develop strategies to correct and improve on current functions.

The office provides informational and statistical data to support planning, resource allocation and program evaluation to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, key administrators, and department chairs. In addition, IR has the major responsibility for reporting University data on students, faculty/staff, and facilities to the University of North Carolina - General Administration, federal, state, and other external agencies and groups.

Academic Affairs Goals and Outcomes

The goals of the Division of Academic Affairs, along with related outcomes (linkable), are as follows:  

GOAL 1 - Student Learning: To promote relevant and significant learning.  

GOAL 2 - Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation Rate: To achieve goals for enrollment, retention rates, and graduation rates.  

GOAL 3 - Educational Support Programs: To provide effective educational support programs.  

GOAL 4 - Faculty and Staff Development: To provide effective programs and activities to support the professional development of faculty and staff in the Academic Affairs division.

GOAL 5 - Research: To increase research productivity.  

GOAL 6- Community Engagement: To foster and encourage faculty and staff support of educational outreach, community engagement, partnerships, and collaborations through various forms of service with special attention to public schools and intellectual and cultural programming.  

GOAL 7 - Effectiveness, Accountability, and Resourcefulness: To demonstrate operational effectiveness and fiscal accountability and resourcefulness.



Name Title Office Phone E-mail
Area Code (910), E-mail:
Dana L. Dalton Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness Collins, 207A ddalton4
Willie Moore Business & Technology Applications Specialist Collins, 219 672-1810 wmoore13
Teresa Griffin Business & Technology Applications Analyst Collins, 209 672-1678 tagriffin
Carolyn Ortiz Social/Clinical Research Specialist Collins, 215 672-1393 cortiz
Amaka Umerah Social/Clinical Research Assistant Collins, 217 672-2088 aiumerah01



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