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FSU History

Howard School1867 - Howard School founded by David A. Bryant, Nelson Carter, Andrew J. Chesnutt, George Grainger, Matthew Leary, Thomas Lomax, and Robert Simmons. They paid $136.00 for two lots on Gillespie Street. Robert Harris became the first principal.
1868 - Howard School constructed by Freedman's Bureau
1872 - Charles Chesnutt became a pupil-teacher at the Howard School
1877 – Named N.C.'s first State Colored Normal School
1880 - Charles W. Chesnutt became principal
1883 - Dr. Ezekiel Ezra (E. E.) Smith became principal
1888 - George H. Williams became principal
1895 - Dr. E. E. Smith returned as principal
1898 – Rev. Leonard (Robert) E. Fairley became principal
1899 - Dr. E. E. Smith returned as principal
1907 - State Colored Normal School moved to Murchison Rd
1927 - High school was discontinued. The title of principal was changed to president & vice principal changed to dean
1899 - Dr. Smith retired president
1933 - Dr. J. Ward Seabrook is elected president
1939 - Name changed to Fayetteville State Teachers College and it became a 4year institution granting a B.S. degree in Elementary Education.
1947 - Accredited by SACS
1956 - Dr. Rudolph Jones elected president
1963 - Name changed to Fayetteville State College
1969 - Dr. Charles "A" Lyons, Jr. became president
1969 - Name changed to Fayetteville State University and it was designated a regional university
1972 - Fayetteville State University was made a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina and a Comprehensive Level I Institution, offering Master's Degrees. Dr. Charles "A" Lyons, Jr., president, then became the first chancellor of the University
1973 - Offered Associate of Arts degrees at Fort Bragg
1988 - Dr. Lloyd V. Hackley is named the seventh chancellor of Fayetteville State University
1994 - First doctoral program - Ed. D. in Educational Leadership
1995 - Dr. Donna J. Benson, associate vice president for Academic Affairs of the University of North Carolina served as interim chancellor
1995 - Dr. Willis B. McLeod selected as the ninth and first alumnus chancellor of the University
2003 - Won 14 CIAA championships
2003 - Dr. T. J. (Thelma Jane) Bryan selected as the tenth and first female chancellor of the University
2007 - Dr. Lloyd V. Hackley named interim chancellor
2008 - Dr. James A. Anderson selected as the eleventh chancellor of the University.

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina