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Welcome to Fayetteville State University! We are honored by your decision to join our FSU community and thrilled about your enthusiasm and your motivation to attend FSU. I am confident that you will find an environment that will allow you to define your personal uniqueness as you realize your goals and anticipated aspirations for the future.

As one of the oldest universities in North Carolina, you are joining an academic community that is steeped in tradition and pays a particular homage to our past, but also prepares you for success. You have a wonderful opportunity for developing new relationships when you become a member of the Bronco Family and I encourage you to actively participate in your community. Among the first people to greet you at FSU will be your Resident Assistant (RA) and your Orientation Leader (OL). These students are great resources for navigating the campus and for answering any questions or concerns. Our theme this year is Broncos 101: Broncos LEAD: Make the Connections.

Our focus is to give you the tools necessary to develop skills in scholarship, leadership and service so that you may graduate as well-rounded Broncos. What this means is that as a Bronco, we would like you to succeed academically by always striving for high academic honors, assuming leadership roles and responsibilities by getting involved in different clubs and organizations, and giving back to your community through dedicated service. Upon arrival, you will be introduced to the University's expectations and to your responsibilities as new members of our continued legacy of excellence here at FSU.

It is our anticipation that you, as a selected group of students, will demonstrate high-achieving behaviors and become future leaders of the world. Broncos LEAD: Make the Connections will prepare you to become that leader, as long as you take ownership of your role in becoming active in scholarship, leadership and service. The Division of Student Affairs offers a supportive and stimulating environment. Class of 2020, you will receive a great deal of freedom and you are expected to respond respectfully and maturely to the FSU responsibilities and the FSU Student Handbook. We look forward to greeting you at our New Student Orientation on August 13, 2016. The information provided will introduce you to the FSU community and provide a tentative schedule of events planned for Freshman Orientation. Be sure to read the enclosed materials and make note that locations are subject to change.

A final schedule of events will be provided upon check-in with additional tools to help you maneuver the campus. Finally, take note of the Broncos 101 Tips sprinkled throughout the pages, as they exist to aid you in your journey to overall preparedness and fitness for life here at FSU.   We expect great things from you at FSU and we hope you remain focused and remember that graduation is your ultimate destination through the challenging, fulfilling and enjoyable years at Fayetteville State University.                                                                                                             


Janice Haynie, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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