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Whose 4th novel "Tender is the Night" was based on his tragic life with his wife, Zelda?

Honda Campus All-Stars

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Contact: Gavin Myrick                             Rudolph Jones Student Center Suire 227


                             Contact Gavin Myrick for more information.


The Honda Campus All-Star Challenge is open to any full-time undergraduate student!
In order to be a national participant, you must participate in the campus tournament.


There is no specific list of questions or designation of categories for the questions asked.
Some general categories are: History (U.S. & African American), Literature, Mythology,
Religion, and Current Events although there are many more.

Sample Questions*

What Alabama city is know for the U.S. military's first African American flying unit, the "Airmen?"

A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly through what process?

Making it to the National Championship Tournament (NCT)

As part of a qualification process, each college/university must host a campus tournament to determine which players will represent the school's team.  If the school wishes to, it may attend or host a Pre-NCT tournament. These tournaments do not affect how the schools will qualify for the NCT, they only serve as a gauge to see how well a school's team is performing and to prepare for the NCT. Sixty-four schools attend the NCT, and they are randomly placed into eight divisions named after famous African-Americans. These are narrowed, through gameplay, down to the final four.

*Tuskegee, Alabama and Metamorphosis

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