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Admission to Clinical Experience

Clinical experience/teacher internship is a program requirement for candidates seeking recommendation for an initial license through Fayetteville State University. The clinical experience/teacher internship experience provides an opportunity to meld knowledge and theory with practice. It is during the clinical experience/teacher internship experience that candidates utilize the skills and methodologies learned in their coursework. Clinical experience is the last major step before the candidate enters the teaching profession.

Clinical experience/teacher internship is a cooperative endeavor between the University and the public schools. The partnership is designed to exchange ideas, to plan cooperatively, and to provide candidates with a realistic and natural setting for a culminating experience.

A solid clinical experience program contributes in facilitating teamwork by providing the clinical experience/teacher intern with an opportunity to acquire, under supervised guidance, an understanding of the teaching process. It also provides an appropriate environment where candidates can demonstrate mastery of the skills involved in guiding the teaching of children.

Admission Requirements

Application (PDS and Traditional) for clinical experience/teacher internship must be the semester before the experience is anticipated. Applications should be completed and submitted to the Department Chair.

To be eligible to clinical experience, the candidate must:

  • Have been admitted to teacher education and have senior status.
  • Have completed, to the satisfaction of the major area, the teaching specialty component.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or above with a minimum of "C" in all professional education courses.
  • Have been recommended to and approved by the Teacher Education Committee through the department chair of the area through which licensure is sought.
  • Have a security background check cleared of any improprieties.
  • Have undergone an interview and speech clearance as outlined by their major department. 
  • Submit copy of official audit


If you are admitted to Teacher Education* You should apply for Clinical Experience Your Clinical Experience can occur
January 2016 By June 2016 Spring 2017
August 2016 By December 2016 Fall 2017
January 2017 By June 2017 Spring 2017

*Admission to Teacher Education must occur before you can apply for Clinical Experience.

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