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Frequently-Asked Questions

Angela Ray's kids

I don't have a group large enough to reserve a spot in the Planetarium. How do I see a show as an individual or a family?

There are two options. One is to look under Upcoming Shows for when the next show will be and for which group. Unless it says "closed" (usually due to an expected crowd large enough that no empty seats will be available), you are welcome to come in. The other is to come in during the next Saturday public show, which is also listed in the same place.

May we eat in the Planetarium

If you would like your children to eat lunch in the Planetarium, just let Jonathan Breitzer (672-1176) know. Make sure you have enough adults (including any parent volunteers you can muster) to have one adult for each six children.

Please instruct the children and parents to only bring food that can be eaten in space, such as:

  • Neat sandwiches such as peanut butter and jelly or bologna;
  • "Large" fruit such as apples or bananas. Not blueberries.
  • Pouch or box drinks. No cups.
  • For anything else, imagine throwing the food in the air. If it would go all over the place in flight, don't bring it. But if it would stick to the container, go ahead.

Just ask if you are unsure. This keeps the Planetarium clean, and the rule itself presents an educational opportunity about eating in microgravity. (Sorry, we don't actually turn the gravity off.)

Bring your coolers at the beginning of the show, and we'll store them in the Planetarium office. Bring a large trash bag, and the Planetarium staff will assist with the final disposal.

I have 80 schoolchildren coming. Is there an activity one group can do outside the Planetarium while the other group is inside?

Some people find this easier than scheduling two different days. We can arrange things so that one group is outside the Planetarium doing an activity led by our volunteer staff, and the other is inside for the show, and then after an hour they switch. Bring paper, as well as colored pencils or crayons.

Is the Planetarium accessible for wheelchairs?

Yes, the front part of the Plantetarium is. There are no steps between the dropoff point in front of Lyons Science and the front row of the Planetarium, and there is ample room in front of the projector for wheelchairs.

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