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Frequently-Asked Questions

Angela Ray's kids

How do I see a show as an individual or a family, rather than reserving as a group?

Up until August 22, 2016, we reserved by groups of larger than 10 or so, and individuals were welcome to join existing shows. However, with our new reservation system, individuals can register and pay for shows online, just as groups would.

May we eat in the Planetarium

Food is not allowed in the planetarium due to the risk of allergic reactions.

I have 80 schoolchildren coming. Is there an activity one group can do outside the Planetarium while the other group is inside?

If you have more than 60 people coming, break the group into multiple shows and reserve the aquarium as well so your group can rotate.

Is the Planetarium accessible for wheelchairs?

Yes, the front part of the Planetarium is. There are no steps between the dropoff point in front of Lyons Science and the front row of the Planetarium, and there is ample room in front of the projector for wheelchairs.

Is the planetarium available for birthday parties?

Please let me know what day and time you'd like to have. Keep in mind the following:

  • The planetarium is not open on Saturdays. It's my only day off. After-hours on weekdays is fine.
  • For cake and so on, we'll set up a table in the hallway. I'll need some help moving it.
  • If you have decorations, arrive early to set up (let me know how early). No helium balloons, please. They might get stuck on the dome.
  • Call the Cashier's office at (910) 672-2606 or 672-2117 ahead of time to pay for the show, and bring the receipt number to the show.
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