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Reserve a Planetarium Show

To reserve a show, fill out the following form:


The planetarium director will then call you to work out the details. Also, think of what topics you want emphasized as we arrange the show for your group, such as:

  • Constellations of the season and knowing one's way around the sky.
  • Phases of the moon and how the phase affects when the moon is up.
  • The solar system, including the planets, their moons, comets, and meteors.
  • Calendars of different cultures and their connection to the sky.
  • Space exploration.
  • The lives of the stars, including supernovae, neutron stars, and black holes.
  • Cosmology, which is the study of the Universe as a whole, including its structure, origin, and fate.
  • Astronomy and chemistry: the stellar origin of the elements on the periodic table, and what substances are found on other planets and in nebulae.

If you are an individual or family, look on the list of upcoming shows to see which you might be interested in coming to. Call the planetarium director at 910 672-1176 to simplify parking and vehicle registration.

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