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The Police Department strives to be customer service oriented at all times. If you have a problem with our services, or have any safety concerns, please come to the Police Department or call 672-1775

Safety Tips

  • Always walk in groups or pairs when out at night.
  • Report all incidents or suspicious persons to Public Safety at x1295. Something may not appear to be irregular, but it is better to be safe when in doubt.
  • Always lock your automobile. Never leave the keys in it or leave it running unattended. Do not store valuable items in your automobile but if you must, always lock these items in the trunk of your automobile.
  • When returning to your automobile, have your keys ready, observe any unusual activity near the automobile, enter and lock your door immediately.
  • When traveling at night, travel in a group or use the campus escort service. Stay on well lit, well used streets and plan your travel. Avoid short cuts and isolated areas. Know where the emergency blue light call boxes are located and don't hesitate to use them even if it turns out to be a false alarm. If you suspect someone may be following you, look at the person so the person knows you are alert. Be alert to your surroundings at all times and act confident. If you are followed, change directions, go to the nearest store, or knock on the nearest house door and request someone call the police or Campus Police. Note a description of the person following you. If you are approached or attacked, run away if necessary. If you are approached by someone intent on accosting you in your residence hall, pull the nearest fire alarm pull station, and notify Campus Police of your actions.
  • Thieves know the best places for successful thefts. On a campus, these are unlocked residence hall rooms or unlocked apartments, libraries (unattended bookbags and belongings) gym locker rooms and parking lots. Do not bring valuables or cash you do not need to these places. Identify your textbooks with your name, address and a code on a certain page.
Personal and Property

While on campus, don't leave your possessions lying around unattended. If you are on campus after dark, don't walk across campus alone. Call the Student Safety Squad (use a call box or dial 672-1486) for an escort. Never impair your judgment or ability to think clearly by using alcohol or drugs. Report any suspicious conditions to the police by dialing 672-1911 or using a call box. The Police Department has published several pamphlets regarding safety issues as well as annual security report. Copies of any of these publications are available free of charge from the Police Department.

On-Campus Residents

If you live on campus, lock your residence hall room at all times, even if you anticipate being gone for just a minute. Should you receive a visitor at your room, you are reminded to use the security peep hole installed in the doors, before opening the door to your visitor. Report lost room keys immediately, and get replacements. Don't leave the room unlocked because your roommate has lost his or her key. Never prop open exterior residence hall doors. The Police Department loans engravers for use in marking personal possessions, and will provide crime prevention information to residence halls on request.

Commuting Students and Employees

If you commute to work or study on campus, lock your car and safeguard your keys. If you find that your car won't start, call the police (dial 672-1775 or use a call box) and someone will come to your location to assist you. If you lock your keys in your vehicle police personnel will provide you with locksmith information or one of your choice. If you have concern about the safety of your workplace, the Department's Crime Prevention Officer is available to conduct building security surveys or provide safety talks and information. Please be aware that when buildings on campus are locked after hours, weekends and on holidays, persons wishing to gain entry must contact the police and provide FSU picture identification.

ATM Safety Tips
  • BE ALERT! Stay aware of individuals around you.
  • Have your debit card out and ready for the transaction.
  • Limit your visits to ATM’s.
  • Limit the amount of cash you are withdrawing.
  • Immediately place your withdrawal into your pocket.
  • Do not stand around counting your money.
  • Only use ATM’s that are in public view and/or ones that are in-side businesses.
  • If you are having a problem making a withdrawal, immediately contact the business twenty-four hour hotline to ensure that someone has not tampered with the machine.
  • Never use a ATM at night.
  • If you must use an ATM at night, survey the parking lot first. Drive through the parking lot searching for suspicious activity or persons lingering around the area for no apparent reason.
  • Trust your gut feeling. If it doesn’t look or feel right, LEAVE.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the local law enforcement agency.
Traveler Safety Tips

This information is presented as part of the Crime Prevention program of the Fayetteville State University Police Department.

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