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Welcome to Fayetteville State University's official policy website.  All official University policies are displayed on this website.  Any policies (print or online) that are inconsistent with the official version on this website should be disregarded.

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The University of North Carolina has delegated various powers and authority to the Chancellors and Board of Trustees of its constitutent institutions, including the authority to establish policies and procedures for the efficient and orderly administration of the institution.


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All university policies are subject to change from time to time as approved by the Chancellor or Board of Trustees. This website is updated as soon as possible following an approval.

In addition to this website, university policies and procedures are also found in various handbooks, brochures and other university publications. To the extent of any conflict between the policies and procedures found on this website and the policies and procedures found in handbooks, brochures, other university publications or websites, the policies and procedures as listed on this website are the official version.

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