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All Offices are located in the Southeastern North Carolina Nursing Education & Research Center (NERC)

The Department Office is located in room 202 - Area code (910)

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Position Office Phone E-Mail
Allen, Viviette, Ph.D. Associate Professor 225 672-1435
Anderson, James, Ph.D. Chancellor   672-1141
Coyle, Laura, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 220 672-2023
Hilton, Doreen B., Ph.D. Asst. Dean of the Graduate School CE 102 672-1680
Ike, Chris, Ph.D.       Professor 226 672-1576
Kawabata, Yoshito, Ph.D.   Assistant Professor Coordinator:  Graduate Experimental Psychology Program 222 672-2434
Montoya, Daniel, Ph.D.   Associate Professor Director of the Biopsychology Lab 208 672-1560
Moore, Timothy, Ph.D.   Department Chair 203 672-1922
Nyutu, Pius, Ph.D. Associate Professor 223 672-1124
Tran, Kimberly, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 219 672-1575
Twum-Asante, Maxwell, Ph.D. Professor 211 672-1855
Van Cantfort, Thomas E., Ph.D. Professor 210 672-1577
Wallace, David, Ph.D.   Associate Professor Assistant Chair 218 672-1419
Wang, Mei-Chuan, Ph.D.  

Associate Professor

Coordinator: Graduate Counceling Program

221 672-2289


Adjunct Faculty

Allain, Robert, M.A.
Baker, Wilhemina, M.A.
Bledsole, Jennifer, M.A.
Cameron, Caroline, M.A.
Curry, Sybil. Ph.D.
Gill, Stephen
Greene, Anne, M.A.
Hart, Sherrie, M.A.
Hebert, Shenethia, M.A.
Hogan, J. Larry, Ph.D.
Hubert, Anthomy, Ph.D.
Johnson, Sylvia, M.A.
Lindberg, Matthew, Ph.D.
Parks, Maricia, M.A.
Riggins, Lana, Ph.D.

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