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Chris A. Ike, Ph.D.

At FSU since 1993

Dr. IkeChris A. Ike, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology at Fayetteville State University and the former Director of the Psychology Program. His academic preparation cuts across developmental, experimental, and clinical psychology. He obtained his Master's degree in General Experimental Psychology from the University of Detroit, and Ph.D. degree in Developmental Psychology and  greater inclination toward courses in Clinical Psychology. His professional experiences began as a Psychologist Trainee at Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Michigan where he interned and as Staff Psychologists at various mental health agencies, including Residential Care Alternative (RCA)  in Detroit, Michigan, where he engaged mainly in psychodiagnostic testing, treatment plan, and individual and group therapies. Chris also held a consultant position with the Jos University Teaching Hospital. He currently teaches abnormal psychology and introduction to clinical and counseling at the undergraduate level. He also teaches psychopathology, personality, behavior modification, psychological assessment and testing, and ethical principles in psychology at the graduate level. Other interest areas are physiological psychology, psychophysiology and health related issues.

Chris has published many refereed journal articles and has conducted researches across cultures.
As a Research Fellow at the University of Lethbridge, Canada, he worked with Blood Reserve school children in the study of teacher development through collaborative autobiography.
His major research interest is grounded in the domain of mental health and ranges from self concepts and psychopathology to stressors and stress reactions in cross-cultural perspective. He is presently working on the semiotic of African system of thought, and on "changeling" - a non-DSM delineated ecosystemic disorder in children and adolescents.

Recent Publications:

Ike, C.A. (1997). Development through educational technology: Implications for teacher personality and peer collaboration. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 24(1), 42-49.

Ike, C.A. (1996). Collaboration, autobiography, and peer supervision in teacher development. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 23(2), 158-166.
Ike, C.A., & Kamalu, N.C. (1996). A study on the education and mental health of nomadic families: Implications for interdisciplinary methodology. Journal of  Research Methodology and African Studies, 1(1), 127-163.

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