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Rebecca R. Hubbard Ph.D.

AT FSU since 2013

Rebecca Hubbard, Ph.D.

Dr. Rebecca R. Hubbard is an Assistant Professor at Fayetteville State University. She received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, Virginia) and her undergraduate degree from Saint Augustine’s College (Raleigh, North Carolina). Dr. Hubbard uses African-centered approaches in her teaching, research, and clinical work. Her research interests explore racial and ethnic identity and issues of social justice. Primarily, she investigates the development of biracial identities with careful attention to cultural and historical context. Her secondary research interests are in racism, ally-development, and multicultural counseling. Clinically, Dr. Hubbard is trained as a generalist and has experience in college counseling, forensic settings, and community mental health. She is particularly interested in college mental health in athletes and is working towards licensure in North Carolina.

Recent Publications

Hubbard, R.R., Snipes, D., Perrin, P.B., Morgan, M., De Jesus, A., Bhattacharyya, S. (2013). 

Themes of Heterosexuals’ Discourse When Challenging LGBT Prejudice. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. Advance online publication.  doi:10.1007/s13178-013-0127-4

Perrin, P.B., Bhattacharyya, S., Snipes, D. Hubbard, R.R., Heesacker, M., Calton, J., Perez, R. 

& Lee-Barber, J. (2013). Teaching Social Justice Ally Development among Privileged Students. In K. Case  (Ed.) Deconstructing Privilege: Teaching and Learning as Allies in the Classroom . London, UK: Routledge. 

Jones, H. A, Rabinovitch, A. E., & Hubbard, R. (2013). ADHD Symptoms and Academic  Adjustment to College: The Role of Parenting Style. Journal of Attention Disorders. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/1087054712473181

Utsey, S.O., Belvet, B., Hubbard, R.R, Fischer, N.L., Gladney, L., Opare-Henaku, A., Faison, J. (2012) Development and validation of the Prolonged Activation and Anticipatory Race-Related Stress Scale (PARS). Journal of Black Psychology. Advance online publication. doi:10.1177/0095798412461808

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