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The Raising A Reader Network provides various events for all of the participants. These events include the annual Raising A Reader Kickoff which introduces the Raising A Reader program to the the schools and the families and allows the kids to enjoy fun activities and presentations from the Raising A Reader Network in conjunction with Cumberland County Public Libraries.  The Family Literacy Events provide the children a chance to demonstrate through performances the effectiveness of the RAR literacy program in the class and home settings.  This provides parents an oportunity to learn different styles of reading techniques motivating them to expose their children to reading  increasing the parent-child bond through reading. Once the children have completed the Raising A Reader program they have the opportunity to attend the Blue Bag Award Ceremony which provides all participants with their own personalized blue library bag supplied with several of their favorite books, free library membership and a host of other awards and free books, school supplies, and prizes.  As a part of the science component of the program kids are encoraged to use the scientific method along with discovery boxes to create various science experiments while enhancing their literary vocabulary, as they learn about plants, insects, and rocks.

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