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Discussion Leaders

Discussion leaders are faculty from all over Fayetteville State University.  They represent FSU's commitment to reading and to student success. They will meet with students during Orientation Week and throughout the first year.

CourseID Discussion Leader Department E-mail
UNIV10101 Brooks, John University College
UNIV10101 Hall, Phoebe J. Performing and Fine Arts
UNIV10102 Aghajanian, Akbar Sociology
UNIV10102 Conyers, Shawn University College
UNIV10103 Ma, Juan Government and History
UNIV10104 Anthony, Booker T. English and Foreign Languages
UNIV10104 Sparrow, Lamont University College
UNIV10105 Raines, April University College
UNIV10106 Johnson, Oliver J Social Work
UNIV10107 Frantz, Sarah S. English and Foreign Languages
UNIV10108 Shorter, Saundra N. Elementary Education
UNIV10108 Willis, Shari School of Education
UNIV10109 Hilton, Doreen B. Psychology
UNIV10109 Page, Carol University College
UNIV10110 Russell, Joyce A. English and Foreign Languages
UNIV10111 Eder, John S. Athletics
UNIV10113 Kadel, Bradley Government and History
UNIV10114 Allen, Sherrice V. Natural Sciences
UNIV10114 White, Erin N Natural Sciences
UNIV10115 McIver-Bell, Michele S University College
UNIV10116 Hennessey, Thomas J. Government and History
UNIV10117 Guevara, Lori A. Criminal Justice
UNIV10118 Brown, Robert Criminal Justice
UNIV10118 Winfrey, Gerard University College
UNIV10119 Hinnant-Jones, Zelphia University College
UNIV10119 Wilson-Jones, Linda Educational Leadership
UNIV10120 Hurtado, Milena M English and Foreign Languages
UNIV10120 Nyman, Micki English and Foreign Languages
UNIV10121 Tomlinson, Linda D. Government and History
UNIV10121 Tryon, Charles English and Foreign Languages
UNIV10122 Griffiths, Heather Sociology
UNIV10122 Montoya, Daniel A. Psychology
UNIV10123 Jing, Wu Mathematics and Computer Science
UNIV10123 Paschal, Susan B. Performing and Fine Arts
UNIV10124 Bir, Elizabeth A. English and Foreign Languages
UNIV10125 Hill, Diane T. University College
UNIV10125 Sadler, Gregory Government and History
UNIV10125 Zhu, Lieceng Natural Sciences
UNIV10126 Boose, Sharon School of Education
UNIV10126 Charles, Kelly J. Middle Grades Education
UNIV10127 Manarino-Leggett, Priscilla R. Elementary Education
UNIV10127 Tang, Xin Mathematics and Computer Science
UNIV10128 Fowler, Judith W. English and Foreign Languages
UNIV10128 Wingfield, Elois University College
UNIV10129 Cezair, Joan Accounting
UNIV10129 Tavakoli, Assad A. School of Business and Economics
UNIV10131 Ellis, Richard S. Management
UNIV10131 Rich, Michael University College
UNIV10132 Thomas, Felton A. School of Education
UNIV10133 Brown, Sonya C. English and Foreign Languages
UNIV10134 Mattox, John R. Natural Sciences
UNIV10136 Jewell, Carolyn S. School of Business and Economics
UNIV10137 Johnson, Stanley W. Government and History
UNIV10138 Juma, Booker Natural Sciences
UNIV10138 Osei, Joseph Government and History
UNIV10140 Baha'I, Linda University College
UNIV10140 Bratcher-Porter, Shelvy J Nursing
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