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Question: How do I reset by Banner login pin?

Answer: Contact the Office of the Registrar at (910) 672-1185 for assistance. Please be able to respond to qualifying questions for verification.

Question: How do I request a transcript?

Answer: Transcripts can be requested online in Self-Service Banner, by fax or mail. Click here for more information.

Question: How do I register for classes?

Answer: You can register online in Self-Service Banner. All undergraduate students will need their alt-pin to register. Please contact your advisor for your alt-pin.

Question: Who is my advisor/how do I get in contact with an advisor?

Answer: You can view your advisor information online in Self-Service Banner. Once you have your advisor's name you can look up your advisor's contact information in the Campus Directory. If you do not have an advisor, contact your academic department for assistance.

Question: How do I get my alternate pin for registration?

Answer: Undergraduate students must contact your assigned advisor or the department chair of your major. (see question 4). Alternate pins are not required for the Graduate/Doctoral students.

Question: How do I withdraw from a course?

Answer: You can withdraw from courses using your self-service login account. However, you cannot use this process to withdraw from all courses for which you are enrolled. Click here for instructions.

Question: How do I withdraw from ALL courses from the university for the semester?

Answer: Do not use the course withdrawal form. Contact the Office of Personal Development at (910) 672-1222/1203 to initiate this process. If you are pre-registered for any subsequent semesters and you do not intend to return the following semester, please inform Personal Development that you desire the courses to be dropped.

Question: How do I request and enrollment verification letter at the beginning of the semester?

Answer: Log into your Banner self-service account and click on Student and Financial Aid; then click Student Records; then click Request Enrollment Verification.

Question: How can I request an enrollment verification letter after the semester begins?

Answer: FSU participates in the National Student Clearinghouse, which is the nation's trusted source for education verification. Data is sent to the National Clearinghouse the last working day of every month to include summer months. You may request enrollment certification directly from the National Student Clearinghouse. Please click HERE for further details. The National Clearinghouse also informs you of pertinent loan deferment information.

Question: How do I know if I will be assessed a tuition surcharge?

Answer: Please review the Tuition Surcharge Policy. Please follow the instructions located in the policy on submitting an appeal/waiver.

Question: Did I get approved by the academic appeals committee?

Answer: The academic appeals committee meets once a week and students are notified weekly by email once a decision has been made. Please check your Bronco email account periodically for your decision email.

Question: What are registration errors?

Answer: These are errors messages you might receive when you try to register and you are not successful.

For all errors you must contact the instructor of the class and inform him/her of the error message you have received (make sure you write down the information in the "Status" box).  If the instructor approves, they will then issue an override or permit for each error message you received, so that you can enroll into the class.  You may go directly to the department if you cannot reach the instructor.

Please note: The Office of the Registrar cannot approve or issue overrides or permits; you must see the instructor or go to the academic department.

Click here for more information about the registration errors.

Question: How do I get on a course wait list?

Answer: The step-by-step instructions on how to get on a wait list is available in PDF. Click here to view the instructions [PDF].

Question: When I click Add/Drop from classes, the drop menu does not appear for me to drop a course, however I am able to add classes using the worksheet. Click here to view the worksheet.

Answer: The department may have added the instructor permit to the course after you initially registered. Please contact the instructor of the course or department chair to issue you the instructor permit. You can then drop the course.  

Question:  How often does the Academic Appeals Committee meet? 

Answer:  The Academic Appeals Committee meets weekly during October, November, May, June and July.

Question:  What is the turnaround time for the committee's decision after the academic appeal form has been turned in?

Answer:  Up to 30 days after appeal has been received. Unless academic guidelines are being reviewed and updated, it may take up to 60 days.

Question:  When are students with a low GPA and/or below 67% of standard academic progress notifies to submit an academic appeal form?

Answer:  Students are notified of their academic standing/progress at the end of each semester. Notifications are sent via email approximately 2 to 3 weeks after their final grades have been submitted. 

Question:  Who notifies the student if their financial aid extension form has been approved?

Answer:  Academic appeal decisions are sent via email from the Academic Appeals Committee.

Question:  When will a tuition surcharge form be accepted at the Registrar office?

Answer:  Tuition surcharge forms are not accepted until notification of the surcharge is received from Student Accounts. Notification will be sent via email to the student's Bronco email address. The instructions on when and how to submit the form will be included in the correspondence from Student Accounts.  

Question: What is the turnaround time for an in-school deferment form?

Answer:  Once received in our office, your request will be referred to the national student clearinghouse, Fayetteville State University's   authorized vendor. Please allow 1-3 business days for our office to submit the in-school deferment request. Once processed the information will be electronically sent to your lender. Please allow another 5-10 business days for processing. To check the status of your request, please login to self-service banner and follow instructions on how to request an enrollment verification, select view student loan deferment notifications.

IMPORTANT: If you have more than one loan holder, a separate form is required for each lender.

Please use this checklist to ensure your deferment forms submission to the National Student Clearinghouse includes all the information required for timely processing.

What Each Deferment Form Should Include:

o Student's full name

o Student's Social Security number

o Date of birth

o Name of student's loan holder or servicer address on the second page of the   deferment form

o Student's signature

Question: When will students have access to the enrollment verification portal?

Answer: Access to the enrollment verification portal is now available for students. A new student file is submitted every 30 days for updates. Verifications are available 24/7 via the Web, using your FSU network user name and password.

Question: How do I find my GPA?

Answer: Log into your Banner self-service account. For more information, click here.

Click here to download Enrollment Services Center Frequently Asked Quesions [pdf].

















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