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Spring 2016 Pre-Registration Priority Schedule

Pre-Registration begins November 2 and ends January 15 for Spring 2016. See the Class Schedule for Spring 2016 now.

  • Monday, November 2 - Senior, Graduate Level, Honor, Licensure, Online Degree Completion, Cross Creek/International, Athletes, or Special Junior Students
  • Thursday, November 5 - Degree Seeking Juniors or Special Sophomores
  • Monday, November 9 - Degree Seeking Sophomores or Special Freshmen
  • Thursday, November 12 - Degree Seeking Freshman or Special Visiting Students
  • Friday, November 16 - Everyone

* Special visiting and professional development students are considered non-degree seeking.

If you have questions, contact the CAS Office of Academic Advisement at (910) 672-2571 or




Students are responsible for registering for classes according to procedures and deadlines established by the Registrar. The classes in which a student is registered at the close of the official registration period constitute the student’s official schedule and course load. Tuition and fees are based on the student’s total hours of enrollment at the close of the official registration period.


Attending a class does not constitute official enrollment in that class. Students will not receive credit or a grade for any class in which they are not officially enrolled. Therefore, students must ensure that they are officially registered for the classes they attend.


Failure to attend class does not constitute official withdrawal from that class. Students are responsible for initiating the class withdrawal process if they wish to discontinue enrollment in a class.


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