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Withdrawal from Class

Withdraw from Class means you are withdrawing from 1 or 2 classes that you will not be attending and you have other classes on your schedule that you will attend. Effective Fall 2009, students will be allowed only 5 withdrawals from class for the remainder of your college career. After a student has exceeded this limit, the student must earn a final grade of A,B,C,D,F, or FN. This means that the student is still responsible for attending class and completing work because he/she will not be granted a withdrawal and will instead earn a final grade that will be calculated into the student's GPA.

Withdraw from the University

Withdraw from University means you are withdrawing from all classes for the semester due to circumstances that prevent you from being able to complete classes.

Please contact the Center for Personal Development at
(910) 672 1203/1222.

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