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The Department of Residence Life at Fayetteville State University employees over 70 highly trained professionals who work diligently to maintain a safe and conducive environment to all of our residents.   Each building consists of a Building Manager, Community Specialist(s), and Resident Assistants. 


Graduate Resident Assistants/Community Specialist Assistants are graduate students who have been selected to assist residence hall directors with various tasks related to maintaining a community atmosphere within the hall.


Resident Assistants are undergraduate students who have been specially selected and trained to assist professional staff with building community within the residence halls. Our staff provides information, guidance, direction, programs, and services for residents.  Their role is to foster an environment which supports learning, involvement, academic success, and personal development. Residents may call the front desk of their residential facility to obtain information and assistance in resolving problems with roommate or neighbor disputes, maintenance problems, or any other residential issues.


 2014 Move-in Information:

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Freshman Communities:

Freshmen communities are Harris, Bryant, Joyner, and Smith Halls.  These residence halls are located on the West side of campus.


Upperclassmen Communities:

Upperclassmen communities are New Residence, Renaissance, Lloyd V. Hackley Honors, Willis B. McLeod Hall, and University Place Apartments.  These residence halls are located on the East side of campus.



Fall 2014 -Spring 2015 Residence Hall & Apartment Rates

 Bryant Hall - $3,529.00

Hackley Hall - $4,130.00

Harris Hall - $3,529.00

Joyner Hall - $3,529.00

Mcleod Hall - $4,130.00

New Residence Hall - $4,130.00

Renaissance Hall (Double) - $5,618.00

Renaissance Hall (Quad) - $5,826.00

Smith Hall - $3,529.00

University Place Apartments Phase I (4bdr/2ba) - $5,569.00

University Place Apartments Phase I (3bdr/2ba) - $5,569.00

University Place Apartments Phase II (4bdr/4ba) - $5,831.00

University Place Apartments Phase III (3bdr/3ba) - $5,831.00


 Housing Cancellation

- Cancellation Announcement (Please Read Before Filling out Form)

- Cancellation Form



Campus Living Basics


  • Cable TV Service: Basic cable service is included in the housing fee and is provided in the residence halls and does not include premium channels.


  • Fitness Rooms: Each residence hall has a either a mini or full fitness center located in a central area of the dormitory for students to access during the fitness center hours.


  • Computer Education Enrichment and Development Centers: Each residence hall has a Computer Education Enrichment and Development (CEED) Center located in a central area of the dormitory for residents to utilize computer resources at their convenience.


  • Internet Access: All students in residence halls are provided a 24-7 internet connection. 


  • Telephone services: Each room is equipped with a telephone line with call waiting.  Residents in a room usually share one line and are required to provide their own telephone equipment.


  • Air Conditioners/Heat: All residence halls are fully air-conditioned and heated.


  • Laundry Facilities: Washing machines and dryers are located in all residence halls.


  • Custodial Services: Custodial services are provided in all residence halls for the care of lobbies, activity rooms, community bathrooms with 8 or more residents, and other public areas.


  • Building Safety and Security: All residence halls use digital recording systems with scanning cameras to record activity in public areas.  All residence halls contain hard-wired heat/smoke detectors and alarm horns.


***Meal plans are required for students who reside at any residence hall & University Place Apartments***




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