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Freshman Communities

Hackley (Co-ed)

Harris  (Male)

Hood (Female)

Joyner (Female)

Renaissance (Co-ed)

Upperclassman Communities

Bryant (Co-ed)

McLeod (Co-ed)

New Residence (Co-ed)

Renaissance (Co-ed)

University Place Apartments (Co-ed) 

Summer School Rates 2015

*All Residents will Reside in Renaissance Hall*

Dates Session Rate
Intersession May13th - May 29th $250.00
Summer I June 1st - June 26th $900.00
Summer II July 6th - August 1st $900.00
8 Week Term June 1st - August 1st $1,800.00

Digital Television Upgrade:


The University recently upgraded the campus television system from a total analog system to a digital/analog system, thus improving the picture quality with standard and high definition channels.


1.    All televisions MUST have a built-in digital tuner or a set-top box(digital-TV converter box) to receive digital channels. Some channels require a QAM tuner; most U.S. TVs sold after 2006 have a QAM tuner built-in.

2.    All new and existing televisions MUST perform a channel-scan to receive all of the channels; there are 103 digital channels/24 analog channels. A channel scan may need to be performed several times before all channels are available, depending on the type of television.

3.    The 24 analog channels will be discontinued and converted to digital in December during Christmas break, thus making the system fully digital.


TV / Cable Information

- Is your TV Compatible?

- Channel Lineup


Campus Living Basics


  • Cable TV Service: Basic cable service is included in the housing fee and is provided in the residence halls and does not include premium channels.
  • Fitness Rooms: Each residence hall has a either a mini or full fitness center located in a central area of the dormitory for students to access during the fitness center hours.
  • Computer Education Enrichment and Development Centers: Each residence hall has a Computer Education Enrichment and Development (CEED) Center located in a central area of the dormitory for residents to utilize computer resources at their convenience.
  • Internet Access: All students in residence halls are provided a 24-7 internet connection. 
  • Telephone services: Each room is equipped with a telephone line with call waiting.  Residents in a room usually share one line and are required to provide their own telephone equipment.
  • Air Conditioners/Heat: All residence halls are fully air-conditioned and heated.
  • Laundry Facilities: Washing machines and dryers are located in all residence halls.
  • Custodial Services: Custodial services are provided in all residence halls for the care of lobbies, activity rooms, community bathrooms with 8 or more residents, and other public areas.
  • Building Safety and Security: All residence halls use digital recording systems with scanning cameras to record activity in public areas.  All residence halls contain hard-wired heat/smoke detectors and alarm horns.


***Meal plans are required for students who reside at any residence hall & University Place Apartments***




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