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Hood Hall

Hood Hall is a small enclosed dormitory full of history that houses no more than sixty five female residents in large double occupancy rooms. Hood Hall is located on the top of a gently sloping hill that overlooks our greek plots, the campus radio station, the telecommunications building, and several social science academic buildings on the west side of our campus. The Lyons Science Annex building is adjacent to Hood Hall and students of Hood Hall are closest to the full computer lab that is located in the Lyons Science Annex Building.

Female residents of this dormitory enjoy a classy and comfortable common lobby in which they can enjoy television, socializing, studying or surfing the internet. Harris Hall also has mini fitness room, small laundry room, and a cozy relaxation room on the second floor of the dormitory for students to relax and watch television, hold group discussions or study sessions.

Point of Contact:

Ms. Tara Melvin, Resident Director

Ms. Danielle Martin, Community Support Associate

Hall Phone: (910) 672-2334

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