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S.A.C.S. - Supporting Accreditation Compliance Self-Study


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Welcome to S.A.C.S.- Fayetteville State University

S.A.C.S.- "Supporting Accreditation Compliance Self-Study". A website designed and created to help Fayetteville State University achieve its objective of retaining its Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accreditation.


Keeping You Informed . . .

Welcome to the SACS website, designed to keep our campus community informed about the SACS processes in which the university is involved. This website will also serve as a medium for engaging faculty and staff in the process and requesting information, as needed. The SACS website will also be used to inform the FSU community of the tasks that must be completed for reaffirmation and the status of the SACS Readiness process. Each month the website will be updated with where we are on our strategic planning and compliance audit timelines, what we need to do next, and our findings as they are attained.

The Office

FSU SACS Office Organizational Chart [PDF]

SACS On-Site Team Visit
April 19-21, 2011

Pre-visit by On-site Committee Chair >> (Click here to view minutes)

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Fayetteville State University
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Dr. Dana L. Dalton

SACS Liaison
(910) 672-2323

Karen Stealing
SACS Admin. Support Associate
(910) 672-1003

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina