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The School of Business and Economics is dedicated to providing a quality business education to a diverse student population. The School prepares students to meet the challenges of a changing environment and to compete in a global market. This is accomplished by supplementing the University’s strong teaching emphasis with research and a curriculum that reflects changing market conditions. The School also assists in regional economic transformation by promoting entrepreneurial and economic education.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

To accomplish the stated mission, the School of Business and Economics has set forth the following strategic goals and objectives:

Goal 1: To Provide Quality Academic Instruction.

Objective 1:
To recruit and retain faculty with sound pedagogical capabilities.

Objective 2:
To enhance the learning environment through improved classroom and student access technology.

Objective 3:
To prepare students for admission to graduate school.

Objective 4:
To prepare students for professional certification in their respective fields.

Goal 2: To Empower Students In Achieving Academic And Career Success.

Objective 1:
To provide a sound and progressive academic curriculum and appropriate advising.

Objective 2:
To provide career advice including potential graduate study opportunities.

Goal 3: To Increase The Intellectual Contributions Of Faculty.

Objective 1:
To encourage faculty submission of research grant requests.

Objective 2:
To increase the level of faculty scholarly output.

Objective 3:
To maintain support for faculty participation in professional conferences.

Goal 4: To Support Student And Faculty Service To The Public, Profession, And The Institution.

Objective 1:
To increase service to the southeast North Carolina region.

Objective 2:
To support faculty involvement in service to the institution.

Objective 3:
To increase faculty involvement in their respective professional organizations.

Goal 5: To Provide An Administrative Staff Responsive To The Development Needs Of The Faculty, Students, And Institution.

Objective 1:
To continue the development of an effective and efficient administrative staff.


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