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Professional Education Program (PEP) - Non-Credit Workshop Detail - Finance and Budgeting

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Budget & Financial Management

Offered in Collaboration with ESI International


This course will help you understand the "macro" big picture and "micro" line item context and trends of finance - as well as the mechanics of developing budgets.  It will give you the necessary tools to make sound financial decisions for your business.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to -

  • Understand how finance and accounting influence management decisions
  • Ask the right questions to successfully create, present, monitor, and manage a budget
  • Persuasively negotiate for financial resources
  • Communicate financial information and results to stakeholders, executives, colleagues, and project teams
  • Correlate budget success with its presentation in financial reports
  • Recognize the relationships between primary financial statement line items by calculating and examining relevant financial ratios
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