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Scheduling and Usage Policies

Seabrook AuditoriumThe J.W. Seabrook Auditorium is intended primarily as an educational and cultural resource for the University, Cumberland County, and the State of North Carolina. Priority for the use will be assigned to programs produced by the University residents.

The facilities will also be made available to other organizations on an individual program rental basis for purposes that are compatible with, or enhance the mission of the University and are in the interest of the community. J.W. Seabrook Auditorium may not be reserved for funerals or memorial services.

The use of all spaces at the J.W. Seabrook Auditorium including lobby, hallways and courtyard, are subject to prior approval by the Office of the Director of Business Services. All users will comply with the rules and regulations outlined in this document.

The Auditorium will consider requests for scheduling performances and support spaces on the basis of the following use priority:

Priority I Office of the Chancellor of Fayetteville State University
Priority II J.W. Seabrook Auditorium Residents: Public performance with related events and activities that are a direct outcome, or product of one or more of the Auditorium's resident campus units
Priority III Other University activities: Appropriate public performances by other campus entities (student, administrative)

Appropriate non-performance campus events and activities, including recordings

Priority IV Other Users
A. Student Organizations: The representative of a student organization completing the Space Request Form must be listed on the organization's registration form on file with the Office of Student Affairs.
B. Authorized Representation: The representative of University departments and/or off campus organizations must be authorized to commit resources and funds on behalf of their departments and/or organizations.


Section I: Scheduling

Scheduling of events is the responsibility of the Facilities Scheduler in consultation with the Director of Business Services. The Event Services Manager handles all scheduling of public space within the Auditorium, contracts, and general communication regarding your event. To schedule an event in the J.W. Seabrook Auditorium, contact the Facilities Scheduler at 910.672.1724 to discuss your event and availability of space.

Your request will be taken pending availability of space, technical equipment and staff.

The Auditorium operates on a fiscal year ending June 30th and generally patterns its calendar on that basis. Requests for dates by Center residents should be made to the Auditorium beginning the first business day in April, fifteen (15) months ahead of the fiscal year that begins the dates that are requested [an example would be: April 1st of 2006 (fiscal year 05-06) for a performance date of March 3rd, 2008 (fiscal year 07-08)]. To the extent possible, requests should include alternative dates along with preferred dates. Note: Dates for the Auditorium will be released the first business day in April, fifteen months ahead of the fiscal year that begins the dates that are requested. (see above for an example).

A preliminary calendar will be issued the first business day of September, (for priority II center residents), followed by an immediate resolution of any conflicts to the extent possible. The Auditorium will honor those dates unless unusual and unforeseen circumstances cause cancellation. Following confirmation of dates for Auditorium presentations, the calendar will be open to all users.

Limitations on use of Performance Venues: The Auditorium will retain certain days for restoration and general facility maintenance, and the facilities will not be available for use. Special rental rates will apply for all users on any University holiday in order to reimburse the Auditorium for labor overtime rates.

Section II: Terms of the License Agreement

Booking a Venue: All events are to be booked a minimum of six (6) weeks in advance.

Courtesy Hold: The Auditorium will hold a date as a courtesy for one week. In order to retain this date, a completed Space Request Form (and Ticketing Form, if necessary) must be submitted during this time. If a Space Request Form has not been received within one week of the date the hold was placed, the date will be released.

Deposit: All renters of space within the Auditorium are required to submit a deposit based on a percentage of their estimated costs. The deposit must be paid prior to: ticket sales, publication or promotion of the event, execution of contract, occupancy of space, or storage of equipment.

The deposit rate is as follows:
50%: First Time Renters
25%: Second Time Renters
10%: Third Time and Subsequent Renters
100%: Any Renter who has exceeded ninety (90) days past due on a previous rental will be required to submit the entire estimated amount in cash or money order with the signed contract.


Contract Information: When you request a venue, by submitting a Space Request Form, the Facilities Scheduler will give you the contact information for the Event Services Manager handling your event. At that time, you will be asked by the Event Services Manager to provide detailed information concerning your event. A License Agreement cannot be constructed until this communication has taken place.

After the above has been completed, you will receive a full rental agreement package, including the License Agreement (contract), Attachment I (Usage Policies) and Attachment II (Estimate of Costs) and any other attachments necessary to the License Agreement. A schedule included in the package will indicate the dates for return of the signed License Agreement, deposits, ticketing form and other documentation. Once your agreement has been signed, deposit submitted, ticketing information form returned and proof of insurance (where applicable) submitted, a copy of the fully executed License Agreement will be returned to you by mail.

Note: Without the completion of all of the above documents, the License Agreement cannot be executed. No event shall be held in the J.W. Seabrook Auditorium without an executed License Agreement signed by both parties. This License Agreement must be signed and executed no later than four (4) weeks prior to the event. If Auditorium Management is not in receipt of a signed and completed License Agreement four (4) weeks prior to the event date, the Auditorium reserves the right to cancel the event.

Ticket Sales: Ticket sales and promotion of an event cannot begin without a fully executed License Agreement, which includes, completed ticketing information, proof of insurance, deposit, and a copy of 501©3 certificate where applicable. Five (5) business days following the execution of contract, tickets may be picked up at the ticket office.

Sale of Merchandise: Souvenir programs, recordings and other merchandise may be sold at the performance location, with prior written approval of the University and subject to the following conditions:

  • The renter must request written approval of the University to sell merchandise at least forty-five (45) days prior to the performance.
  • Sales are subject and subordinate to any pre-existing concession agreement(s) applicable to the performance location.
  • The University will specify the location where sales will be made; sales may take place only before and after the performance and during intermission, if any.
  • The University will inventory all merchandise prior to and after the conclusion of sales and shall conduct an audit of all sales to determine the appropriate commission.
  • One of the following commission rates will be applied to all merchandise sales:
    • Ten Percent (10%) on gross sales when non-University personnel conduct the sales.
    • Twenty-Five Percent (25%) on gross sale when University personnel conduct the sales.

Rehearsals: The rehearsal schedule must be included with the Event Agreement. It is understood that only the cast and Production Crew plus authorized representatives of the Lessee and the Auditorium will be in the theatre during rehearsal. An open rehearsal for invited patrons will constitute a performance with a full house staff on duty.

Non-Profit Status: Non-Profit organizations will be required to furnish evidence of non-profit status with your signed Event Agreement.

Billing and Review of Bills / Settlement:

A cost estimate worksheet for the amount due under the license (less the deposit) will be issued within thirty (30) days upon scheduling the event.

  • The estimated cost payment will be due two (2) business days prior to the event date. (Example: an event scheduled to be held on Sunday, April 6, will be due payable on Wednesday, April 2).
  • University Departments of Fayetteville State University will be charged via a CMS transfer for all deposits and payments due, plus all incidental charges. An itemized statement of charges will be provided when the Banner account is charged.
  • All payments shall be made by credit card, check (cashier's or business), cash or money order payable to Fayetteville State University.
  • Category IV Licensees are subject to state amusement gross receipt tax. The state of North requires all venues to report 3% of gross receipts earned from any form of entertainment or amusement for which an admission is charged.
  • If there are questions concerning your charges, please forward them in writing to:

    J.W. Seabrook Auditorium
    Fayetteville State University
    Attn: Ms. Antoinette Fairley
    1200 Murchison Road
    Fayetteville, N.C. 28301-4298

Cancellation or changes made by the LICENSEE: The University shall claim as liquidated damages all deposits held and money owed on invoices outstanding if Licensee cancels the event anytime after the Event Agreement is signed. Cancellation of any facilities and/or services must be done in writing three (3) weeks prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in Licensee being billed the full rental, or deposit charge.

Licensee agrees to pay as liquidated damages in the following amounts for canceling this agreement. In return, the University agrees to hold no further claims against Licensee for said cancellation.

Cancellation Date:
Penalty % of Deposit
Between execution of Event Agreement and three (3) weeks prior to event 25%
Less than three (3) weeks prior to the event 100%


Special Note: It is the Auditorium's policy, when taking requests, and there is a conflict, to not comment on the nature of the conflict.

Insurance: All non-campus users must obtain an maintain liability insurance, at its sole expense, that covers the event and all related activities and that names user and the University, and their respective officers, agents and employees as insured and indemnifying all of the parties hereto against the losses, damages and claims relating to injury to persons, or property, or loss of life by any person caused by the negligence or misconduct of LICENSEE. This insurance shall have a minimum policy limit of one million dollars ($1,000,000) for personal injuries, including death; and two million dollars ($2,000,000) in the aggregate for all property damage; and shall contain a provision prohibiting cancellation except upon fifteen (15) days prior express written notice to all insured, including the University. User shall furnish a copy of said insurance policy, or certificate of insurance to the Auditorium no later than thirty (30) days prior to the event, and shall maintain such insurance throughout the period during which the event and related activities occur.

Section III: General Regulations for All Users

The following are general regulations that apply to all users of the J.W. Seabrook Auditorium:

SeatingAlteration and use of the premises: Construction (except the installation or disassembly of stage scenery) is prohibited. Licensee shall not alter, repair, add to, deface, improve or in any way change the licensed premises in any manner whatsoever, without the prior written consent of the Auditorium. The licensed premises shall be maintained and vacated, as and when required, in as good condition as it is upon entry of licensee therein, depreciation for reasonable wear and tear expected. Cost (or estimated cost) to repair any damage to the facility will be charged to the User in final settlement.

Deliveries: Materials delivered to the Auditorium when the User is not in the building will be accepted only when prior arrangements have been made. The Auditorium will not accept any C.O.D. goods and will not be responsible for loss/damage of any goods delivered.

Storage: There is limited storage space available at the J.W. Seabrook Auditorium. Items required for performances may be delivered and stored at the Auditorium three (3) days prior to an event. The J.W. Seabrook Auditorium is not responsible for loss or damage of stored items. It is expected that any items left on the premises two (2) days following the last public performance of an event will become the property of the University to dispose of as they wish.

Staff: The J.W. Seabrook Auditorium management reserves the right to determine User's minimum staff requirements. If Production deems it necessary, the User will be charged for any additional labor required to load-in, run or load-out an event. In the event a production require the assistance of contracted workers, each worker's pay will be based on a four (4) hour minimum per day.

Each event must engage, at a minimum:

  • An Event Services Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Sound and Lighting Technicians
  • Labor Crew Leader
  • Electrician
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Security Officers

In addition, Auditorium staff must be engaged to operate theatrical equipment. Additional labor and equipment requirements will be determined by the Auditorium based on the needs and nature of the event.

Security: Final determination for security needs will be made between the Auditorium and the University Police Department. If an artist contract requires security, the licensee must contact the Event Services Manager and the University Police Department for approval, before securing outside security agencies.

Broadcasting and Recordings:

Licensee shall not, and shall not permit others to broadcast, telecast, record, or reproduce any rehearsal, performance or parts thereof in or about the premises without the prior written consent of the Auditorium and artists, or artists agency. Which consent, if given by the Auditorium, shall be set forth in a separate agreement signed by both Licensee and the Auditorium. Licensee shall be responsible for the payment of all fees, costs and personnel expenses and other charges related to any such broadcast, telecast recording or reproduction prior to engaging in any such activity. Exceptions may be made for news media, or other production media when advance arrangements are made with Auditorium Management and are approved by artist(s) and/or artist(s) management. Auditorium Management reserves the right to confiscate equipment for the duration of the performance, or evict violators. Licensee shall include the following written credit line on any commercial recordings made within the Auditorium: "Recorded at the J.W. Seabrook Auditorium at Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Photographs: Licensee shall not take or permit to be taken, photographs in or about the premises at any time without the prior written consent off the Auditorium and Artists or Artists agency. Which consent, if given by the Auditorium, shall be set forth in a separate agreement signed by both Licensee and the Auditorium. Licensee shall be responsible for the payment of all fees, costs and personnel expenses and other charges related thereto. If the Licensee shall desire to have photographs taken at an engagement, Licensee shall make a request to the Auditorium prior to the commencement of ticket sales.

Open Flame: The use of candles or any other open flame is not permitted in the premises without the written consent of the Auditorium. There is to be no use in or about the premises of any substance of an explosive, corrosive or flammable nature, without the written permission of the Auditorium. All stage materials used shall be flame proofed. Any user shall not cause or produce to be caused or produced therein, or to emanate there from any unusual, noxious, or objectionable smokes, gases, vapors or odors. The user is also responsible for the use of theatrical smoke in such ways that the smoke alarms do not go off.

Flame/Fire-Proofing: All materials used for decorations and theatrical scenery, including all drops, must be Class "A" rated for flame spread. Renters must have documentation that certifies that all materials meet this requirement. Without this documentation, the Management of J.W. Seabrook has the right and obligation to perform a field flammability test, which requires a small sample of material. All materials that fail the test cannot be used onstage.

Weapons: Weapons are not allowed on campus. Weapons include objects or substances designed to inflict a wound, cause injury, or incapacitate, including, without limitation, and whether real, fake, disabled or rigged, all firearms, BB guns, air guns, pellet guns, switchblades, knives with blades five (5) or more inches long. This extends to any activity, class, rehearsal and performance, without the written permission of the University Police Department. In the case of resident units this can be obtained through the Prop Master. For all other users this can be obtained through the Director of Production Services.

Backstage Access: Audience members and guests will only be admitted backstage in accordance with the wishes of the User(s), in coordination with Auditorium Management. Users much submit a manifest of names to the Event Services Manager one (1) week prior to their load-in for all persons needing backstage access. Individual passes will be assigned and must be worn at all times backstage, unless in costume. Those found not wearing backstage passes will be asked to leave, NO EXCEPTIONS. The Event Services Manager must escort audience members, who may wish to go backstage. The escorting of audience members to the backstage areas will be secondary to other House Management functions. At no time are guest permitted to walk through or around the main curtain or across the stage.

Audience Seating Areas: During rehearsal, set-up, and strike periods, Licensee personnel shall restrict their activities to the stage, backstage, and production areas. When it is necessary for a director, designer, or stage manager to view a rehearsal set-up from the audience area, use of the seating areas are restricted to directorial and technical personnel. When the audience seating areas are used for directorial activity in connection with the rehearsal or production of an event, the Licensee will be responsible for the clean up of the area so used. The audience seating areas are not to be used for the storage of coats, personal belongings, musical instrument cases, or other paraphernalia associated with the pre-performance production of an event. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the seating and performance areas of the venue.

House Opening and Capacity: The House will open one (1) hour prior to the stated curtain time following consultation between House Management and Production Services at each performance. The stated capacity for each venue will be enforced.

Standing Room: There is no standing room for any venues within the J.W. Seabrook Auditorium.

Actual Start Time of Performance: Actual start time of the performance will be decided by consultation including House Management, Ticketing and Production Services. It is the Auditorium's intention to begin each performance at the published time.

Intermission: Standard Intermission will be fifteen (15) minutes in duration.

Access to Ticket Office: Access to the Ticket Office will be restricted to Ticket Office and Audience Services Personnel Only.

Late Seating: Late seating will occur during the first opportunity (break in performance). Until that time, audience members will be held outside the hall. The appropriate "break" will be determined in consultation between Audience Services, Production Services and the performer. How and where late arrivals are seated will be venue specific.

Emergency Calls to Audience Members: Those audience members expecting emergency calls or pages should check their communications devices (pagers, cellular phones) with the Event Services Manager. The Event Services Manager will locate the patron if an emergency communication is received.

Medical Emergency Inside Performance Hall: Should a medical emergency take place inside a performance space during a performance, it will be the purview of the Event Services Manager to decide whether the performance should be stopped while the medical emergency is resolved. The Event Services Manager will contact the stage manager to stop the show.

Emergency Medical Treatment: The Auditorium reserves the right to determine if Paramedics/Emergency Medical Personnel need to be called for a specific incident. The Event Services Manager will make this decision.

Smoking: The Auditorium is a smoke-free building. Smoking is permitted only outside the building in areas where ash urns are located. Licensee shall be responsible for seeking adherence to smoking regulations for all performers, technicians, management personnel and others who take part in the production of an event.

Traffic and Parking: It is understood and agreed that the Licensee, its agents, employees, guests and patrons will be subject to all Fayetteville State University traffic and parking regulations. Parking at the stage loading area is strictly regulated and limited to vehicles required for the loading and unloading of material required for the event. Improper parking or blocking of the loading dock risks removal at vehicle owner's expense. There is to be no idling in the loading dock area.

Bicycles, Skateboards, In-Line Skates Scooters, Bicycles and any motorized vehicle, not needed for persons with disabilities: are not allowed inside the J.W. Seabrook Auditorium facility. The aforementioned items, when found in the building will be removed from the premises by the University Police Department under the direction of the Auditorium Management, and retrieval of these items will be the responsibility of the owner.

Animals: Except for Seeing Eye Dogs and animals required as part of a performance, animals are not allowed in the Auditorium facility. Auditorium management must be notified in advance if the production requires the use of animals so that necessary arrangements for caging, clean-up, safety and other precautions may be taken.

Objectionable Patrons: Auditorium management reserves the right to eject, or cause to be ejected, from the premises any objectionable person or persons. Auditorium management will not be liable to Licensee for any damages that might be incurred through the execution of this right.

Children (Infants): The Auditorium believes in exposing young people to the performing arts at an early and appropriate age. We encourage parents to prepare their children for the experience by explaining basic audience etiquette to them. Children talking or moving around in a manner that is distracting to other patrons may be asked to move or leave the theatre. An adult must accompany children under the age of twelve (12) years old.

Personnel Conduct: All backstage personnel must maintain professional standards and practices during occupancy of this facility. Professional standards include, but are not limited to, industry safety standards, courtesy to personnel, respect for property, and adherence to all state and local laws and regulations. Any individual not maintaining professional standards will be required to leave the facility and may face legal action.

Ticketing Services:
  • Auditorium Ticketing Services will manage the ticketing for all ticketed events within the building regardless of Licensee.
  • All audience members must have a ticket, regardless of age.
  • Decisions about which events will be free and which events will be ticketed will be made in consultation between Auditorium Management and the Licensee.
  • Ticketing Services must approve any special offers or discount offers before any advertising can be done.
  • Only one discount per patron or group will be allowed.
  • Auditorium Ticketing Services must approve all pre-printed tickets for events held in the Auditorium.
  • No tickets will be distributed until a contract is executed, the deposit made, and the ticket agreement form has been received.
  • There will be a $1.00 facility fee for all tickets sold online, and through the Ticket Office.
  • All pre-printed ticketed events will be charged a facility fee of twenty-five percent (25%) of base rent.
  • The will be a charge of 3.2% for all credit card ticket purchases made the through the Auditorium's electronic ticketing system ( - ticket office and online orders).
  • There will be a $3.00 handling fee added to all orders by telephone.
  • In the case of rental performances, when the event requires that the Ticket Office must remain open longer, beyond one (1) hour past start time (due to circumstances caused by the renter), a fee of $15.00 per hour (or any portion thereof) per staff member will be added to the renter's final invoice.


Ticket Office Phone Numbers:
910-672-1724 (Office)
910-672-2176 (Fax)

Ticket Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Doors open for event one (1) hour prior to performance

Methods of Payment Accepted:
Visa, MasterCard, and Cash
(Identification required with all credit card purchases)

Special Needs Seating Upon Request.
(Wheelchair, physically challenged, and hearing/visually impaired patrons will be seated with one (1) companion).

Lobby Displays and Decorations: Displays and decorations within the common areas of the Auditorium may only be erected in designated areas. These designated areas will consist of easel information centers erected throughout the complex. Auditorium Management must approve all items for display.

Lobby/Public Use Rental: The rental rates for the lobby area of J.W. Seabrook Auditorium are based on a four (4) hour minimum. This base period must include the time required to set-up and start the event. Any additional time required will be billed at the published hourly rate on a per-hour (or fraction thereof) basis. If the User is renting the Lobby for public use in conjunction with the rental of the performing area, the initial four-hour period will be charged at the rate of $300.00, regardless of whether the space is used before, or after a performance. All Lobby set-ups must conform to quality standards established by Auditorium Management. All tables placed in the Lobby must have table cloths and skirts.

Food and Beverages: ARAMARK Educational Services, the campus dining services provider, is the provider of food and beverages at J.W. Seabrook Auditorium.Please call 910-672-1058 or visit their website at: for any additional information.

Alcohol: The use or possession of alcoholic beverages at the J.W. Seabrook Auditorium is strictly prohibited.

Coat Room/Coat Check: Coat-racks and attendants are available upon request. Please see Rental Rates for fees.


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