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The mission statement of Student Health Services is to provide quality health care for students enrolled at Fayetteville State University. Student Health Services promotes and maintains conditions that are conducive for healthful living, to guide and encourage students to accept health as a positive value of life, and to stimulate an interest in students to make healthy adjustments to their environment. Activities of Student Health Services are carried out with special emphasis on the promotion of good bio-psycho-social health care. Student Health Services serve as the student’s initial contact for the assessment of health problems or concerns. Students are provided with reasonable quality health care for minor illnesses and injuries and are referred to specialists or consultants when necessary. Each health care visit is used as an opportunity for health education.



Student Health Services provide a variety of health care services to the student population. All full-time students enrolled at Fayetteville State University pay a Student Health Services Fee as part of their tuition each semester. This fee pays for most of the services provided by SHS. Students referred for hospitalization, specialty care, and diagnostic services not offered through SHS are responsible for the cost of these services, unless covered by health insurance. All registered students taking six (6) or more credit hours on campus are required to purchase the student injury and sickness insurance plan. Students who submit evidence of equivalent coverage satisfactory to the policyholder may waive coverage.

Available medical services include primary medicine, routine gynecologic examinations, contraceptive health education, confidential HIV/STD testing, laboratory services, nursing services, yearly and sports physicals, minor injury treatment, pharmacological services, and health education programs.

Medical excuses for students may be obtained from Student Health Services only when the student sees the doctor or nurse BEFORE class is missed.

The student’s medical record is available only to the professional staff of SHS and is considered confidential and privileged and may only be released with written permission by the student. Records are retained in SHS eleven years after the student leaves the University and subsequently are destroyed.


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