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Name Title Office Phone E-mail

Area Code: (910) | E-mail:
TS, Taylor Social Science Building; LSA, Lyons Science Annex; LT, Lauretta Taylor Building
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Full-time Faculty
Samuel Adu-Mireku Associate Professor
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
LSA 238


Akbar Aghajanian Professor
Graduate Program Coordinator
TS 210-C 672-2927 aaghajanian
Stacye Blount Associate Professor
Assistant Chair
TS 204-C 672-1531 sblount
Alysia Childs Assistant Professor TS 204-A 672-2443 achilds1
Jelisa Clark Lecturer LT 321-G 672-1177 jclark38
Lisa Daniels Lecturer LT 321-H 672-2192 ldaniel6
Erin Eldridge Assistant Professor TS 210-E 672-2444 eeldridg
Heather Griffiths Associate Professor TS 210-A 672-2972 hgriffit
Druann Heckert Professor TS 210-D 672-1503 dheckert
Nicole Lucas Associate Professor
Department Chair
TS 110 672-1122 nlucas2
Hideki Morooka Associate Professor TS 210-B 672-2402 hmorooka
Jilly Ngwainmbi Professor TS 204-B 672-1004 jngwainmbi
Part-time Faculty
Shevelle Godwin Part-time Lecturer TS 110 672-1122 sramirez
Ved Prakash Part-time Lecturer TS 110 672-1122 veprakash
Sharmila Udyavar Part-time Lecturer Sci Tech 117 672-2971 sudyavar
Academic Advisor TS 108-A  
Masceline Petitlubin Administrative Support Associate TS 110 672-1122 mpetitlu
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