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Online Degree Completion Program (BA in Sociology)  - Please read program overview below carefully.
Program Overview

The Department of Sociology offers an online degree completion program with the objectives of preparing students for teaching in secondary schools, engaging in further study at the graduate and professional levels, and pursuing entry-level careers in law enforcement, government, and the private sector.

To achieve its objectives, the department requires students to complete the University College Core Curriculum and at least forty-eight credit hours in Sociology. A set of free electives is also required. Our program offers online courses only at the junior and senior levels (i.e., 300 and 400 levels). Currently, we do not offer online courses at the freshman and sophomore levels (i.e., 100 and 200 levels).

Admission Requirement

To enroll in the program, students must have completed courses that meet the requirements of the University College Core Curriculum (38 credits) and SOCI 210 (Principles of Sociology) at community college or another four-year institution. In addition, if a student opts to take ANTH 210, SOCI 150, and SOCI 220 to meet program requirements, those courses must be taken at community college or another four-year institution prior to admission.

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