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Student Support Services

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About Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a TRIO Program that serves students who are low-income, first-generation college students, and disabled. The program provides academic support services and activities that will enhance students' academic skills and improve their retention and graduation rates. Our goal is to improve students' retention and graduation rates and the overall college experience of  students.

The Program

Fayetteville State University's Student Support Services Program is administered by the Office of Special Programs. The Program is funded by a Federal Grant from the U.S. Department of Education and is designed to provide academic support assistance to students who are enrolled at the University. Fayetteville State University is strongly committed to fostering an institutional climate that is supportive of the needs and success of student enrolled in the Program.

Who Qualifies for our Services ?
  • Enrolled at Fayetteville State University, seeking a 4-year college degree.
  • First-generation college student (neither parent has a 4-year college degree).
  • Low-income college student (determined by federal guidelines). 
  • Students with a documented learning or physical disability. 
  • Have a need for academic support. 
How to apply for Student Support Services ?
  1. Stop by our office in the Helen T. Chick Building room 109.
  2. Fill out an application form and meet with an Academic Advisor.
  3. The Academic Advisor will develop and recommend the appropriate services available.

For additional information please call us at (910) 672-1172

The Goal

The goal of the Student Support Services Program is to provide structured academic support activities to students. >> Read More

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