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Student Spotlights

David Antoine

DavidMy experience in Student Support Services is great and educational. I was first introduced to the program after I attended the C.H.E.E.R. Scholars Program. The C.H.E.E.R. program was a great experience and made me feel like I was ready for college; I felt challenged. Prior to getting fully accepted into FSU, I went to visit the people who helped me along the way: Ms. Davis, Ms. Neal, Ms. Jessup and Mr. Walker.

When I came to see them in August of 2009, my freshman year, they were constantly checking on me and made sure I was comfortable with college because during C.H.E.E.R. I had difficulties making the transition and being away from home.. Student Support Services helped me with open arms; whether it was tutoring, checking out a calculator for math class or simply providing a pencil. Simple things like that made me think back because during my childhood we didn't have a steady income, which at one point caused us to live in my mom's car. SSS made me feel like my education is important and encouraged me to do better. I felt as if SSS was my second home and family, so that's why I am so excited to recommend some of my friends and peers to the program. I've seen what they did for me, and I want them to get help and start where I was to be successful in college. 



Keyana Brown

KeyanaMy experience in Student Support Services will be one that will not be forgotten. My name is Keyana Brown I am a senior double majoring in History and Elementary Education. I currently have a grade point average of a 3.5. I became a part of Student Support Services in August of 2006. I started out receiving tutoring which was very helpful and I can honestly say it is one of the reasons my grade point average has always been a 3.0 or higher. The summer of my freshman year Student Support Services provided me with a check to pay for summer school. I have attended several graduate tours which were very helpful and informative. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to visit other schools and learn about the opportunities that they have to offer.

Ms. Neal has not only been my advisor she has also been a role model to me I look up to her and I am thankful that she is a part of my life. Ms. Neal stays on top of me which is very beneficial and it lets me know that she cares. For the last two years I have been selected to speak at the Program Making a Good Impression. It helped me become a better speaker and I was able to give advice and inform the freshmen about some of my experiences that I have had since I have been in college. This past summer I was recommended for a job by Ms. Neal and after I finished the application process I was hired. I am glad that Ms. Neal thought enough of me to recommend me for a job. Student Support Services has opened several doors for me. I encourage students to join Student Support Services that are not members. I inform them about the opportunities that are offered and tell them what Student Support Services has done for me.





Rose Shefton

RoseLet me start by saying that I am a non-traditional student. I am the fifth of eight children. I am also a first generation college student. I transferred to Fayetteville State after obtaining my Early Childhood Teacher Associate degree with honors. (GPA: 3.9+) Although it was difficult I decided to continue my education. Early on I knew that I would need help in certain subject areas, college algebra in particular. I went to SSS and signed up. The staff was very courteous and assisted me through the process.

My first experience in the SSS program was in the tutoring program. I have a math phobia and knew that College Algebra was going to be challenging, to say the least. My tutor was very patient and helpful and I managed to pass the course. Later I elected to take a Spanish class. Again I needed help because of the accelerated pace. Although I have some background in Spanish, I had trouble keeping up. SSS was right there to assist me with a fabulous tutor who weathered the storm with me.

However SSS is not just tutoring. A little while ago I needed some information on the Praxis exam and Mr. Walker provided me with assistance and a practice book. Hopefully I will be ready soon.
Being older, I am sometimes overwhelmed at the daunting challenges of higher education. The encouraging emails from Mr. Walker of SSS help me to stay my course. Although I am not utilizing all of the services that SSS offers, I highly recommend them because they really are interested in students' success. After having such positive experiences with SSS, I will not hesitate to contact them for my future needs. Thank you to the SSS team!

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