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The Staff Senate vision is to support, publicize, advocate for and represent the interests and needs of SPA and EPA (non-teaching) Staff at Fayetteville State University through campus, community, and state-wide activities. Members and affiliates of the Senate employ individual and group efforts to encourage and build unity, camaraderie, and professionalism among staff, while supporting the mission of the University
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Welcome to the Fayetteville State University Staff Senate !


A Greeting from the Staff Senate  president

Hello and welcome to FSU, I am Byron Riddick, FSU Staff Senate President for 2012-2014 physical-year.

The Staff Senate presents all SPA and EPA (non-teaching) staff new opportunities to participate in the successes of FSU. To start this physical year we have been engaged in a lot of conversation about staff development, employee's relations, and staff involvement.Staff development programs are being developed in a conscious effort to give staff the opportunity to increase their skills and abilities to perform their jobs at a level of excellence and represent FSU on a professional level.

Employee Relations from HR will be working hand-in-hand with staff development to assure staff has the tools and training needed to be successful in their work place.Staff Involvement; heavily depend on ALL staff get involved with the daily, monthly, and annual events, programs, seminars, training sessions, and etc. Support from staff goes a long way in the success of the university.

Come visit our monthly meeting held every third Thursday of the month to keep up with what going on in the UNC System and how FSU is involved in the process. We need the support of every staff person on campus in order to represent FSU Staff (100%) in a positive light among our peer institutions and beyond. Let's work together with Administration, Faculty, Students, and this Community to move FSU forward as one of the beacons in this great city of Fayetteville.







President: Mr. Byron Riddick  

Contact Information:

Byron K. Riddick
FSU Staff Senate President
Fayetteville State University
1200 Murchison Road
Fayetteville, NC 28301


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Mr. Velappan Velappan &
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