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Staff Senate Computer Loan Program


Program Description

In support of staff development, Fayetteville State University Staff Senate has created and administers a computer loan program for qualifying FSU staff members. It is the intent of this program to put computers in the hands of employees who may have limited access to computers thus providing the means for them to develop computer skills, take classes or in other ways expand their knowledge and skills in ways that are  mutual beneficial to themselves and to Fayetteville State University. The Staff Senate Computer Loan Committee manages this initiative. This program is for desktop computers only.

Participant Eligibility Criteria

  • Fayetteville State University Staff Member
  • Preference will be given to employees who do not work with computers on a daily basis
  • Permanent Full-time Employee


The desktop computers are from surplus and is wiped clean by a certified technician from the IT department before redistribution.

Staff Senate Committee Members

  • Monique Alexander - Chair
  • Arnescia Moody

Application Process

To apply for a computer loan, please submit a completed application form using one of these methods.

After your application is reviewed, you will be contacted about whether or not you qualify for the program and when a computer will be available. There is no limitation on how long an employee can keep the computer.

Notice:  All computers are University property and must be reported to Campus Police if lost or stolen.

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