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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Counseling?

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Counseling involves a collaborative relationship between a counselor and client aimed at improving the client's functioning and general well-being. This process may include a discussion of everyday problems as well as other issues that make it hard for the individual to manage their life and achieve their goals. Topics discussed may include:

  • improving study skills
  • coping with depression and anxiety
  • improving self-esteem
  • improving anger management skills
  • relationship issues
What can I expect in counseling?

counselor & clientOnce you make the decision to see a counselor, you and your counselor will meet to establish mutually agreed upon goals for counseling. Once these goals have been established, you and your counselor will take an active role in identifying ways to help you solve your problems and achieve your goals.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, you may call (910) 672-1222 or come by the Center's location in the Spaulding Building, Room 155. Once you complete the initial intake form, you will be scheduled to see a counselor whose training and experience are consistent with your needs.

What if I need to be seen quickly?

The Center For Personal Development has staff available Monday - Friday for "walk-in" appointments and those experiencing emergencies. Following a brief intake session to assess your needs, your intake counselor will recommend one or more counseling services to you. These may include individual or group counseling, testing and/or assessment, substance abuse services, etc., or any combination of these services.

How much will counseling cost me?

Counseling services are free to enrolled graduate or undergraduate students.

Can I Be Referred to off campus?

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You may be referred off campus in situations where the Center is unable to provide the services you need (for example, medication), or if you prefer to see an off-campus counselor. Off campus referrals may result in a cost to the student.


In accordance with ethical standards and state and federal law, the Center For Personal Development staff take every reasonable precaution to protect your privacy. The identity of those using our services, along with the personally identifiable disclosures made in counseling, are held in strictest confidence. Confidential information is not shared with anyone outside the center without your written consent. Exceptions to this policy include the following:

  • Clear and imminent danger to yourself or others
  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Elder abuseIn response to a court order.

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At times, information about you may need to be shared with other counselors in the Center to more effectively coordinate and plan services for you. When this is necessary, you will be informed of how your information will be used. At no time is information about your counseling kept with your academic or health records at FSU.

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