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Division of Student Affairs

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Services and Divisions

Office:  910.672.1284
Fax:  910.672.1286 

Division Phone/Fax
Dean of Students Office: 910.672.1201
Fax: 910.672.2622
Office of Residence Life

Office:  910.672.1884

Student Activities Office:  910.672.1166
Fax:  910.672.1857
Career Services Center Office:  910.672.1284
Fax:  910.672.1286
Center for Personal Development Office:  910.672.1222
Fax:  910.672.1389
Intramurals Office: 910.672.1188
Fax: 910.672.2622
Health Services Office:  910.672.1454
Fax:  910.672.1366
Save Zone Office:  910.672.1202
A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina