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FSU sponsors faculty led summer study abroad courses. Trips are announced early in the fall semester. Each experience includes at least one FSU course and travel to a related destination with study on site. Many of the trips are international, but some remain within the United States.

Previous summer experiences have included...

BADM 430 and POLI 431 in New York City (Wall Street, Stock Exchange, UN, presentations at major financial brokerages, Ellis Island) and Washington DC (Tour of the Capital, Visit with Legislative Delegation, Smithsonian)

UNIV 110 Service Learning Projects in New York City and Washington DC with New York Cares and a DC Children's Homeless Shelter; Conversation with Dr. Randall Pinkett (Businessman and winner of The Apprentice, season 4)

SPAN 350 and FORL 220 - a one month immersion experience at University of Extremadura, Caceres Spain

BADM 490 and 603 - International Business Connections in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China

CRJC 370/670 - Examine a Criminal Justice system where police officers are not armed - London, England - 2015, 2017

ART 450, DANC 203, THEA 350 - New York City - Museums, Studios, Private Dance Classes, Theatre Workshops, Plays

HCM 461 and BADM 430 in Barbados - Research on Health Care Management - Summer Session II with travel July 16-30, 2016. 

PSYC 489 in London and Paris - Explore the roots of modern psychology - Intersession with travel May 16-23, 2016.

GLBL 300 and NURS 360L in the Dominican Republic - The Pediatric Nursing Clinical Experience - Summer Session II with travel.

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