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Master of Social Work Syllabi

MSW Course MSW Course Name Instructor
SWRK 510 Social Welfare Policy and Services Dr. Gregory Perkins
SWRK 520 Human Behavior & the Social Environment Dr. Gregory Perkins
SWRK 525 Human Behavior & Social Environment II Dr. Quienton L. Nichols
SWRK 530 Statistics & Data Analysis Dr. Chester Dilday
SWRK 540 Social Work Intervention with Individuals and Families Dr. Annie McCullough Chavis
SWRK 560 Applied Social Work Research Methods Dr. Chester Dilday
SWRK 570 Interventions with Groups, Communities and Organizations Dr. Terri Moore Brown
SWRK 574 Multicultural Practice with Diverse Population Dr. Annie McCullough Chavis
SWRK 580 Social Work Field Instruction I Dr. Gregory Perkins
SWRK 585 Social Work Field Instruction II Mrs. Debra Brown
SWRK 610 Social Work Practice with Families Dr. Dennis Corbin
SWRK 615 Social Work Practice in Mental Health Dr. Mark Marquez
SWRK 620 Social Work Practice with Child & Adolescent Dr. Annie McCullough Chavis
SWRK 625 Social Work with Chemically Dependent Families Dr. Oliver Johnson
SWRK 626 Substance Abuse Intervention Mr. Jonathan Glover
SWRK 630 Assessment of Mental Disorders Dr. Mark Marquez
SWRK 635 Management of Human Services Organization Mr. Johnathan Glover
SWRK 650 Field Instruction III Ms. Densie Lucas
SWRK 655 Social Work Field Instructions IV Ms. Densie Lucas
MSW Elective Course MSW Elective Course Name Instructor
SWRK 515 Forensic SW in the Criminal Justice System Dr. Gregory Perkins
SWRK 516 Social Work Practice with Black Families Dr. Annie McCullough Chavis
SWRK 517 International Social Work Dr. Terri Moore Brown
SWRK 605 Advanced Social Work with Groups Dr. Terri Moore Brown
SWRK 605 Healthcare Settings Dr. Annie McCullough Chavis
SWRK 606 Social Work Practice Seminar Dr. Annie McCullough Chavis
SWRK 608 Statistics and Research Seminar Dr. Chester Dilday
SWRK 621 Social Work Practice with Military Families I LTC (Retired) Ronald Buryk
SWRK 622 Social Work Practice with Military Families II Mrs. Molly Williams
SWRK 627 Assessment and Evidence Based Treatment of PTSD Mr. William Bolduc
SWRK 628 Assessment/Treatment of Suicide Behaviors Dr. Oliver Johnson
SWRK 629 Social Work Practice and Traumatic Brain Injuries Dr. Ricky Wallace
SWRK 631 Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs: Biomedical Basis Dr. Ricky Wallace
SWRK 640 Professional Writing for Social Work Dr. Oliver Johnson

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