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Active Duty Service Obligation

The active duty service obligation (ADSO) required in exchange for graduate training is governed by Department of Defense Instruction (DoDi) 6000.13 , Army Regulation (AR) 351-3 and 350-100.

The didactic portion of training (Phase I, earning the MSW degree) incurs an ADSO that is 3 times the length of schooling for the first year, and 1x for any additional time, i.e. 14 months of school= 38 months ADSO.

The residency portion of training (Phase II, earning enough supervised clinical hours for an independent practice license) incurs an ADSO at a 1 for 1 rate. i.e. 24 months of residency= 24 months of ADSO.

Estimated ADSO for this program is 62 months (5 years and 2 months), beginning at the completion of Phase II.

AR 351-3 para 2-7B(2) and DoDi state that no portion of the ADSO will be paid back during any period of LTHET; the residency is part of the program.


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